Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 9: In Order To Meet Again

Bonjour my readers! Well il's le time to enter into my obviously fake French mode again as nous (we) have another weekly review of Lupinranger vs. Patranger review. Cette week, nous get a look at a bit of lesson of le week for Kairi. Let's start, shall nou? 

Le episode starts with Detective Zenigata ahem Keiichiro out on a walk where he meets Zamigo Delma -- le Gangler who caused le loved ones of le Lupinrangers to die out. He doesn't suspect a thing yet as he has no idea yet of what's going on.

Meanwhile, at Le Bistrot Jurer, le Lupinrangers discover that celebrity designer Emma Gordini (acted by half-French, half-Japanese actress Ota Midori Laurence -- she does look familiar) is coming to town with her pendant. It does look like a part of Le Lupin Collection. Le whole incident has le Ganglers involved wanting le pendant.

I admit, la's some really cool action involved. I love how le Lupinrangers and Patrangers are always at each others' throats. Kairi disguises himself as a police officer and helps Emma herself out of le situation.

Le Patrangers come up with some brilliant idea. For an imbecile (which is also a French word for fool) -- I think Keiichiro does come up with a good plan to lure le Gangler out. Ce one has a fake necklace which fools le Gangler. I find cette idea brilliant -- though I kinda prefer Keiichiro to be as stupid as Detective Zenigata in Lupin III for laughs.

Cette where nous have le backstory of both characters. Emma tells le story of her sister and Kairi remembers his older brother. I guess you know le feeling of being under your older sibling's shadow, right? It reminds me of Ryoma feeling he was always under le shadow of his older brother Hyuga in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman or cette Leo as he was always under le shadow of his older brother Mike. Hmmm... talk about that kind of situation. Kairi encourages Emma to see her older sister before ses (it's) too late.

The trap set up by Detective Zenigata errr Kairi is sprung. I thought that cette situation was pretty much well-sprung. The Patrangers appear so good here that maybe, you won't think cette were police officers. Now the trap is sprung!

Meanwhile, Emma realizes that Kairi is indeed Lupin Red. Cette gives some character development in ce case. Emma hands over le pendant which turns out to be le Blade and Scissor Dial Fighter which will show ses (its) amazing work in le mecha battle scene.

Meanwhile, nous have a really bad situation with le Lupinrangers. For le first time in le series, a Gangler gets destroyed together with a piece of Le Lupin Collection. With that in mind, how can le wish be granted?

Le mecha battle scene shows le ability of le Blade and Scissor Dial Fighter. After le Patrangers are defeated, Lupin Red shows off le ability to split into two and defeat le Gollum. Meanwhile...

Yes, both Yomaichi and Umika are feeling very, very blue. I can't help but feel sorry for leur considering their wishes may not be granted. Sigh...

Next week, Zamigo Delma will rear his ugly head. It should be an interesting episode considering that nous will see more of le power of le latest Lupin Collection piece!