Tatsuya, Yuuri And Broken Trust

Looks like my friendly debate with Shogo B'Stard has resumed -- I just didn't feel like responding to his last article where he was doing an Ayase/Lucas comparison yet again. My latest response will be towards his latest article on Trust and Triumph -- where I thought that Yasuko Kobayashi wasn't afraid of taking things too far. After all, wasn't Yuuri a bitch because of unresolved trauma? She grew up seeing her family die right in front of her, she grew up alone and she wanted to become a police officer -- she wants to do everything right and she must face her insecurities.

I do like how the simulation felt like it was an actual, real battle and later you get surprised into finding that it isn't. This has a bit of personalities discovered -- Tatsuya's easygoing facade and acting like an idiot hides his insecurities. Yet the other person who has insecurities is Yuuri herself. These are two episodes that involve the relationship of Tatsuya and Yuuri -- it's a very troubled one at that. Tatsuya breaks the trust of everyone which causes a serious drift in the team. More importantly, Yuuri always takes note that you can't turn back time for anything and that's how she acts during her missions. This drift in trust causes a serious issue in the mission.

The first half presents us Yasuko Kobayashi's tendency to bring up important family members -- in this case we have Tatsuya's maternal grandfather and mother in the scene. Yuuri learns a bit more about Tatsuya's tendency to hide his true feelings -- which may explain his flaw of goofing off after a failed simulation. I just wanted to give a thought of how Tatsuya's hiding his true feelings or being a goof similar to next year's Shoichi/Tetsuya in Kamen Rider Agito is -- pretending to be carefree but he isn't. There's a bit of interaction when Yuuri learns from Tatsuya's mother about how Tatsuya hides his troubles a lot when he was little -- it became a learned habit.

Speaking of learned habits, Yuuri has it too. I guess the whole reason why this became a two parter was to learn more about the personalities of two characters. Time Force tried to compress it into one and had their own way which won't be too much of the focus here. She shows that she's the professional type as she wants to avoid her personal feelings. What also saddened her was how jealous she was of her comrades who had someone to go home to while her family is still dead. I really wanted to cry over Yuuri. At first, I tend to complain of how much cold and bitchy she is -- there are times I even feel like berating her for no reason at all but deep within -- she's a tortured soul who longs for company. That may explain why she's very protective of her comrades.

Both her and Tatsuya must put their feelings aside when the other Timerangers get trapped in the Genbu Space -- it requires extreme precision! What's Tatsuya WITHOUT any formal police training from the Time Protection Bureau going to do? This became the challenge and I love how they managed to destroy Genbu's pocket dimension. It was a big gamble and they were able to do it. Though the two parter does end with a hilarious note or not...

Yup, the two-parter ended with Yuuri showing her irritable side towards Tatsuya again. He did hug her and she hit him hard on the face. Really? I guess her cold behavior tends to be a running gag huh?  I can imagine myself in that scenario where reality hits me back considering how Yuuri tends to be my stupid reason for liking Timeranger -- though I still prefer Jen's less tense attitude and getting over one's lack of confidence. Is it me or is Yuuri a Mary Sue at times? Well I guess I might talk about the whole "pretend to be a couple" episode where their feelings were there for each other.