Time For Yuuri's Revenge

Well, I'm back with my debate with Shogo B'Stard -- this time he presents his entry called Time for Jen's Revenge. I decided to present my own version called "Time For Yuuri's Revenge" which actually presented two crucial differences -- Jen's trauma was a more recent (ex. losing Alex who she was about to marry) one while Yuuri's trauma itself has been there since childhood.

There's a pretty interesting scene of Jen training which we don't see Yuuri doing in Timeranger. We also saw Jen actually fight Steelix out of suit all the while in Timeranger -- Yuuri was about to become a long range assassin. I guess all the badass moments Jen was given was made to cover up for plots that could have been inappropriate for Power Rangers. Yup, no one can deny Timeranger's brutality is really sky high -- which serves as a shallow reason for me to have my favoritism for the series. I guess the whole training scene Jen has is her still trying to cope up with a fresh trauma but Yuuri has kept a trauma for a very long time -- which led to them nearly going against modus operandi not to kill any of the criminals that they have to arrest.

Fresh trauma vs. long-time trauma? Jen seems to suffer from sudden personality change after Alex was supposedly killed while Yuuri gets it gradually. I guess she was once a sweet, lovable girl but she grew up to be one incredibly cold bitch because of unresolved trauma. Didn't the Time Protection Bureau put her through some therapy program?! Mad-Blast murdered her family and she saw it happen as a child. She grew up an orphan with a scarred mind. I wonder who took her in as the show doesn't explain it. What pissed her off was that Mad-Blast only got fifteen years sentence in spite of being the murderer! I would get as mad as she does! Mad Blast is later released by Gien who is now starting to show signs of insanity and mental breakdown. This triggers Yuuri's insanity as she was repressing her grief for all these years. Seeing her in tears makes you see her bitchy side is a defense mechanism for a lot of childhood trauma.

Her motives to join the Time Protection Bureau are bordered on one thing -- revenge for her dead family. What we learn is that Mad Blast was once hired by Don Dolnero to murder the inspector. Don Dolnero has little to no memory anymore due to the number he's had killed -- which led to his 1,000 years incarceration in Freeze Compress sentence. As I love to say it, Dolnero may look stupid but you can't underestimate his cunning. Heck, I even believe he might even have gotten rid of Ransik not in hand to hand combat (which he may be guaranteed to lose) but through some dirty tactic. Yuuri's father challenged Don Dolnero and paid dearly with his life. Yuuri wants to finish what her father couldn't finish. How Yuuri gets in control of her insanity towards the end is amazing -- she was acting her insanity out in later parts though we did she her lose control. Jen's revenge plot only comes later in life when her fiance was supposedly killed by Ransik.

I thought about the depths of the Timeranger episode. I'm not saying that the Time Force episode is automatically bad because "Duh, it's Power Rangers and I don't like it." I like the idea of actually giving Jen a more recent trauma so she doesn't become a Yuuri clone. Yuuri on the other hand has had it since childhood. I mean, just think of all her denial and nobody knows anything until Tac tells them. Yuuri pretends she's okay but Tatsuya finds out she's not. Jen on the other hand -- has it more where she's questioned on what would Alex do in her shoes. I think the whole "acting scenario" in Timeranger was probably that Yuuri overcame her desire for revenge -- while she was truly planning to do so. Different approaches here and each one has their pros and cons.