An Unhealthy Obsession With Yuuri

Well I decided to do some direct to indirect debates with Them's Fightin' Words -- this time I'd like to "respond" to his post Time For Time Force Traitor by talking about one disturbing episode. Yup, it's Stalker Detective Abel -- an alien who has a dangerous obsession with Yuuri and wants her to become his which he does seem to have a crush on her or something.

I find this whole Assassin episode to be really something. Yuuri sets up a fake shooting incident with the others. This gets the attention of the assassin guild. A lot of money is pouring in for the Londarz as Abel gets his assassins to kill for big time clients. Yuuri infiltrates the group and ends up finding her old nemesis Abel who has developed some kind of fixation on her. He stalks her like crazy. I feel like there are implications that he's lusting after her. I mean, why follow her home everyday? Yuuri reported him leading to his termination. He became a criminal while hoping that Yuuri would be on his case.

Yuuri ends up finding him and she remembers her horrible experience with him. Abel wants her for himself and tries to turn her into his personal assassin. If it's not lust then I think it's possible that he wanted to use her as his personal weapon due to her potential. His obsession now was to turn her into an assassin. She would be used to shoot down the next target which is a failed assassination. She even goes as far as to wound herself to avoid getting controlled by the mind control gas. The assassination plan is foiled due to the uncoordinated efforts of the City Guardians and the Timerangers -- Naoto already used a dummy and the Timerangers managed to figure out Abel's location. 

This episode also had me thinking of maybe why Gaoranger took a big shift yet to a much lighter and softer direction -- even Gekiranger and Go-Busters are nowhere near as dark and edgy as Timeranger! The loads of gun violence, alcohol drinking and Abel's creepy obsession with Yuuri won't pass through the U.S.' TV-Y7-FV standards either -- which had me thinking to why I tend to have extreme favoritism for Timeranger.