It's Timeranger For GoGoFive

I wonder if I should actually try to "beat Shogo B'Stard to it" by reviewing one of my favorite Super Sentai crossover films. I still think that Toei Ltd. may need to give it a break for now or two, why aren't they released on the Super Sentai DVDs? Back on topic -- I decided to give a shot about the crossover of the two Sci-Fi Revival era series namely Mirai Sentai Timeranger and Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive. It even had me wishing too bad we never had a Chikyu Sentai Fiveman and Chojin Sentai Jetman movie for obvious reasons -- though everyone knows I still think GoGoFive is miles better than Fiveman.

I thought about how this film did a good job making it look like both series came in the same universe. Granted, logic can tell you that most Super Sentai don't really take place in the same Universe but this one well, it almost seems like it. Gokaiger did manage to try and fit in the events of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. In here, the GoGoFive are back to their normal lives and meet the Timerangers which results to some hilarious hijinks. There's some personality conflict which I think was pretty entertaining to watch on how they manage to resolve them.

The film tries to insert Pierre from GoGoFive as he makes a deal with the Londarz. While GoGoFive's ending leaves it to audience's imagination -- here we get a beautiful what-if scenario where he actually teams up with the Londarz. The rather comical (and incompetent) Pierre manages to enter to be the last remnant and not all too threatening -- but here he does get into good use and literally manages to get the GoGoFive and Timerangers to be scattered across time. But both teams manage to fight out-of-suit against the five alien criminals from the 30th century until they get access to their powers. Fortunately, Naoto cooperates and that allows them to create that gap towards time.

I just thought about how the encounter can be THAT FUNNY with some personality clashes. Yes, Matoi reveals his tendency to be tactless and he later apologizes to the Timerangers for his actions. I thought also of how Nagare shows why he's my favorite in GoGoFive as he teams up with Ayase. Yuuri does show her skills with a gun while I find it somewhat not-so-believable that Matsuri still has her skills sharp -- not to mention Matsuri's sweet while Yuuri is freaking cold. Then there's the contrast to personalities between Tatsuya's more calm approach vs. Matoi's more tense approach. Daimon and Domon are both butt monkeys -- except one's really THAT dimwitted over the other! This was all part of them trying to find common ground in this crossover in order to save the day.

Overall, a very nice crossover for an era which I really liked for being too ambitious for its own good.