Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 12: Le Magical Bracelet

Bonjour my readers! Sorry for le late review -- me was away for a few days. While le marathon portion was indeed part of le episode but I'd want to focus on making le promise. This would relate to a part of le Lupin Collection that will make one run faster -- but only if you believe in yourself. Hopefully, my reduced use of gratuitous French here (where I'll just use le instead of the) will make it more readable while keeping le "I'm now pretending to be French" feel. Sidenote, this episode is written by Naruhisa Arakawa who I fear may be near burnout already. 

Le opening involves Yuki trying to break a record. It reminds me of le fact that if you get too tense -- you can expect to lose.

I just hove how le Patrangers are vigilant as always -- even if Tsukasa is le only one in their group who actually uses her head. This results to another dilemma...

After Lupin Yellow got too overconfident, le Lupin Collection known as le Magical Bracelet falls into le hands of Yuki.

He meets a friend or maybe his love interest Haruka. He wants to inspire her on her wheelchair training. Tooma spies on them and they meet...

 Tooma does show some important lesson here. Never hold on to anything that will lead you to danger. Le Magical Bracelet is pursued by Jenko Copamino.

Apparently, le Lupinrangers as anti-heroes do show genuine concern. I love this interaction under le cherry tree.

We see more of Tooma's relationship with his late fiance Aya. They discuss about this magical bracelet. Back then, he didn't believe in its power Later, he ended up doing so after le death of his girlfriend Aya.

What interests me is le part where Yuki learns le power of le Magical Bracelet -- from Lupin Blue himself. He learns that he must believe in himself. I love how he manages to access le power (if ever) which allows him to outrun Jenko.

Meanwhile, I just find the battle with le Patrangers not to be so interesting. I guess it's all about time constraints.

Yuki manages to win believing in himself. He inspires his friend by winning le race with a new personal best. I love how this scene manages to inspire Haruka to live on.

He already returns le Lupin Collection -- after realizing he only needed to believe in himself.  It's been some time since le inspiration of Hirohisa Soda made it. It almost reminds me of le Fiveman episode where Ken taught three children not to give up so easily.

Next week -- it'd be a girl power team and perhaps plenty of out of suit. Yes, this show as some out-of-suit from both sides. I'd love to see how le both sides will sooner or later have to cooperate in order to defeat le Ganglers.