Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 14: Le Fabricated Trap

Bonjour everyone! Well I hope I can keep this habit of keeping le whole "French man act" minimal as to avoid making le weekly reviews not so readable. So I'll be using "le" in le place of "the" while keeping it more readable by using mostly English articles to avoid too much confusion like my previous posts. Anyway, let's get down to this rather Patranger focused episode. 

There's some kind of investigation going on done by le Patrangers. They are wondering if there's a monster or something. Investigations are up to no luck which really takes us back to this flashback...

Detective Zenigata errr Keiichiro has no luck with a child. Le child actually prefers le Lupinrangers over le Patrangers. I wonder how many people right now are arguing over which team is better? Anyway, he has no luck as children tend not to like him back.

Meanwhile le Lupinrangers are told of Togeno who is a dangerous hitman. There's two treasures but this time, it's the Patrangers' turn to get some focus.

A new trap is set. A civilian is attacked by Togeno and he's too scared. Fortunately, le Patrangers show up. Lucky for them, le civilian as a Trigger Machine. But this is too good to be true and as suspected -- it's really a trap for the police! OUCH!

It turns out that le monster Odordo lost his brother. Is it me or are most mecha scenes making an adult question, "How many people got squished during those fights?" This episode addresses that. It sometimes makes me wonder if there are times that a Super Sentai team accidentally stepped on someone. In any case, in case of giant mecha battle -- DO NOT GO NEAR! Odordo was indirectly killed by le Patrangers as a result.

Flashback to Keiichiro's past. As a child, he wanted to become a policeman. He saw a police officer he so admired capture le criminal back in his childhood. He was so passionate about it that he reached it. This is a flashback while he uses the Drill Trigger Machine to burrow underground.

Le Lupinrangers get too little focus. They only do a few out-of-suit stunt scenes against Odordo. As it turned out, Odordo doesn't have le Lupin Collection. It's taken by le Patrangers. So it has me wondering how will both teams put aside their differences? I guess that's le current problem of le writers and producers of how and when should both teams put their differences aside.

Poor Keiichiro is poisoned underground. Yes, I was getting nervous here. Sidenote, le whole make-up where he's supposedly "poisoned" looks pretty hurriedly done. But it's amazing how an idiot like him actually SURVIVES this ordeal.

Le whole trap is set by both Togeno and Odordo. What amazes me is that both of them manage to defeat le duo (for now) with their wits. I feel sorry for these two especially with how they both outsmart le monster. Togeno's poisonous spines impale Odordo -- allowing le latter to be destroyed. Patren-3 herself is indeed a smart opponent -- she knew how to take advantage of le situation.
Le Trigger Machine is composed of boll a drill and a crane. If le Dial Fighter introduced way back in Nombre 9 was Blade and Scissor -- this one introduces le Blade and Drill Trigger Machine. Keiichiro proves himself badass to get rid of an enlarged Odordo himself yet...

He also proves how he's down by poison. This episode leaves in a cliffhanger which has me thinking that no matter how comic relief Keiichiro is -- his situation is NOT funny at all. I guess this is done to balance le series from becoming too funny or too serious.

Next episode, it shows that Keiichiro won't easily give up le battle -- plus Patren Kaiser will get a new combination. Yet, I'm still looking forward to see how le two teams will have to put their differences aside sooner or later. Until then... CIAO!


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