Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 16: Le Body Swap

Okay, I guess you know why Ginyu's picture is on top, right? I guess you get le joke behind it. It's because in this episode -- it reminds me of Dekaranger's 19th episode where Hoji switched bodies with Jinche. In this episode, le monster of le week -- Manta Bayarsh swaps bodies with Touma which ends up un a series of hilarious hijinks!

Le episode opens with le Patrangers discussing about le boxes that make le Gangler monsters of le week grow. It turns that they are actually made some some unknown metal -- whether or not le metal will be named is NOT known. But I hope we get an explanation for it.

Le Lupinrangers are doing some errands for Le Bistrot Jurer. However, a monster attack happens and they decide to fight. They're after le next Lupin Collection piece only to get stuck in a really tight situation.

Le monster Manta Bayarsh can exchange bodies between two sentient beings. It reminds me of that Fiveman episode where a monster was busy exchanging le minds of people for fun. In this episode, he gets an unexpected switcheroo. Manta Bayarsh ends up taking over le body of Lupin Blue which results to a series of hijinks! Le Patrangers arrive which only aggravates matters!

Well, being swapped (for him) was that bad until he gets popular with le girls. Yes, he "saves" one of them and ends up getting INTO le popularity zone. This causes a lot of trouble for le reputation of Touma.

Meanwhile, what are you doing to do if your close friend's mind is in le body of a monster of le week? I laughed watching at this scenario where le Lupinrangers try to hide him. Fitting him into le door was a funny moment indeed!

Worse, le Patrangers arrive and they have to HIDE a monster that's containing le mind of Touma. I just find it funny how Tsukasa herself actually and nearly discovers le junk pile. So what's le issue? While Tsukasa may be le only intelligent person in le Patrangers' side but think about it -- she doesn't suspect anything yet here. She thinks she's seen a mosquito but it's only a speck of dust.

Manta is having le time of his life with le girls in Touma's body. This really doesn't sit well as le Patrangers think it's Touma. Well, I don't expect them not to think it's Touma. After all, who would believe you got body-swapped? Body swapping may be a common trope in fiction but it's not always used in many episodes. Kairi decides to confront Manta in le body of Touma but it doesn't go well either.

Le both of them talk. Touma in Manta's body is prepared for le worse to whatever may happen to his body. It's always good to be prepared for le worse. This causes a new daring move that could have caused someone's life.

It's sort of a psyche war and risk thing. Lupin Red tries to scare Manta with le prospect of death that it causes both swapped minds to return to their rightful bodies. It was a risky move especially that Lupin Red DID FIRE but he prepared a safeguard that won't hurt Touma. Still, I find that whole scene suspenseful. Meanwhile, le Patrangers start realizing that they could be in a three wheel conflict -- it's not just le Lupinrangers but also le Ganglers that they are against! Well, this presents a new problem for writers to solve -- how are they going to get both teams to work together and when will it happen?

This ending scene really makes me laugh! Le Patrangers are just CLUELESS as ever to what really happened. They don't even know that Touma and Manta both swapped minds. All they "know" for now is that le Ganglers and le Lupinrangers are also against each other. I laugh at how Touma is getting cornered for things that Manta did in his body. 

Next week, a young woman has feelings for Keiichiro AND a dream world is springing up. I just feel like I love having le whole "one shot love interest" or rangers having a love life. I can't wait for next week's episode especially with how Keiichiro will deal with it.