Sentai DVD Rambling Part 8: My Thoughts On A Jetto-Jetto-Jettoman And Gyaoooooranger DVD Release

I don't exactly know what to think after hearing from Ukiyaseed that Jetman is getting a DVD release alongside Gaoranger. This has me thinking that my personal favorite series is getting a DVD release? I don't know what to think. I could understand if Gaoranger will get a DVD release because Timeranger will get a DVD release but Jetman this September 25, 2018? I didn't see that coming but I'm glad it did. So much for my crazy suggestion of alternate DVD releases that Shout! Factory should be releasing Jetman instead of Timeranger (which is set for a July 31, 2018 release). Then why release just one classic when you can have BOTH of them?

First, I could talk about the inevitable Gaoranger DVD release -- it was inevitable considering that after Timeranger there's Gaoranger. Gaoranger is praised while Power Rangers Wild Force is mocked. I guess most of the praise Gaoranger gets is mostly from the acting and not the writing. Forever Red had the potential to be better but sigh -- WTF! For Wild Force, I think the major issue is actually the weak acting than anything else. I think Gaoranger isn't necessarily miles better -- it's more on the execution and acting. Wild Force had some potential with Cole and Master Org but the acting tends to get mocked. Plus, I don't want to keep talking about one incident I don't want to keep mentioning either.

But a Jetman DVD release? Now I didn't see that coming out! I wonder why Shout! Factory has decided to include Jetman in its list. IMHO, it's something worth celebrating about Jetman getting a Shout! Factory DVD release. From what I heard, it was also considered for Mighty Morphin' aside from Bioman. Then we have Jetman. I still think about how my childhood had Jetman and Mighty Morphin -- though I dropped Mighty Morphin' even before I knew about Zyuranger and preferred Jetman. But I guess they wanted to still honor the show even if it never got an Americanized version. IMHO, I think it's good that Jetman never had an Americanized version though I can't really defend my stand at all except for my dislike for Power Rangers.

What pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai DVDs could be coming out? I just feel like we may see Turboranger, Changeman and Flashman soon enough. Turboranger for the obvious reasons of shifting into Turbo -- though Turboranger suffered from rating problems back in the late 80s. Changeman is a decent series with some military and space theme into it -- IMHO it's better executed than Ohranger's military. Flashman may be a welcome treat for Lost Galaxy fans who also like Super Sentai series who may like Gingaman less.

What do you think?