The Five Venom Fists Are A Tribute To The Five Deadly Venoms Movie

Here's an interesting Thursday Throwback. Gekiranger was known to have given tribute to the martial arts legends in the form of the Fist Saints. What slipped off me is why would a series that took place so much last 2007 give tribute to a 1978 film too? One film was called the Five Deadly Venoms by Shaw Brothers which is currently taken over by the Clear Water Bay Company. I haven't seen the film yet but it does look pretty interesting. 

The film involves five main antagonists who also have the same motifs as the Gekiranger's Five Venom fists. They wore Mexican-wrestler type masks and their motifs are Gecko, Snake, Scorpion, Centipede and Toad. It involves the plot where the dying master of the Poison Clan sends its protagonist Yang Tieh against the rogue members of the clan -- who are causing havoc with their special powers. 

Here's a rare English-dubbed scene (though I wish I can get its original audio with decent subs) where the master explains the five villains' styles. You may find this one a bit interesting with how a late 70s movie would later get referenced in Gekiranger.