It's Timeranger For A Calm Before The Storm

It's time for another Timeranger rant -- this time it would be hitting towards the finale. I thought how the finale arc itself may be considered "one convoluted mess" even for a series that I really consider as one of my favorites. Kobayashi's finales tend to be messy or how she suddenly "shocks" audiences such as Takeru Shiba getting adopted by Kaoru -- which is IMHO is bad shock value compared to the former serving the real Shiba as a decoy. Another is I could remember Den-O's finale returns to Ryotaro with being a loser -- it's almost like everything was just a dream. Okay, just take a note that it's most likely Kamen Rider Ryuki's finale was a result of executive meddling and neither Kobayashi nor Toshiki Inoue wanted it -- looks like they both agreed to write an ending where everyone supposedly died!

It's time to talk about the post-Christmas episodes and one of them involved Tock Unsure -- now it's time to move towards the finale. Don Dolnero finally realizes that killing Gien may be the only thing to save the person he cared about -- it's an act of mercy. However, Gien's rampaging insanity ends up killing Don Dolnero instead. This results to Yuuri finally getting so frantic she couldn't get her revenge. Wait -- is that all she's been here for? I really thought about how she nearly KILLED herself and Tatsuya pursuing Dolnero. Then we're treated to a scene of Dolnero getting mortally wounded, remorseful and tells the Timerangers where the prison full of alien criminals can be found so they can go back to the future.

I thought about how Tatsuya ends up doing an extreme action to save his friends who are not from his era -- he literally sends them across time! Yes, that time ship with the Londarz Prisoners is now sent back to the year 3001! Yuuri looks so frantic -- she yells for Tatsuya's name! The Timerangers are sent into the future where they discover certain events are getting better for the Year 3001 as revealed by Captain Ryuya. Again, the fact they could be so calm even after seeing what kind of person Ryuya was (at least in part) during his first official rival and on-screen interaction with them (though they may have interacted with him countless times) makes no sense. The new millennium they forged after 2001 reveals some things have changed for the better.

How are things supposedly better? We see a new future forged for the better. Yuuri's family lives because Dolnero was murdered by Gien in the past -- though it seems Captain Ryuya didn't intend it to be. Domon's suspension is just one year. A cure for the Osiris Syndrome has finally been found. For Sion though there was nothing they could do about his home planet. This is a calm before the storm yet people can't help but think about Tatsuya. Sometimes, I even wonder how idiotic Ryuya can be -- if Tatsuya dies then wouldn't that ERASE him from existence? Also, something gets pretty suspicious to the audience's eyes when there's an error to who Time Fire really is. Ryuya wanted to use the name Naoto Takizawa instead of him -- which later we discover he's always neglected some things that he could have prevented!

Meanwhile, the storm in the Year 3001 is just beginning. Seriously what's Ryuya thinking? I don't know if he could be considered as the greatest moron of all time or what? I think about the whole storm here also includes massive damages and calamities in the year 2001. There's lots of blood especially with Naoto getting shot many times and later getting gunned down by a ZENITTO of all things. I don't know which is more shock value between Gai Yuki's death or Naoto's death. Naoto dies while rescuing two birds for a girl he befriends. Gai gets stabbed by a thug after the fall of Vyram. IMHO, they tend to make the heroes look lame in their final moments -- not deaths worthy of the gates of Valhalla! The death of Naoto almost tempted me to believe that Inoue wrote it when it was in fact Kobayashi! Neither writer really tends to care about writing a good finale or just want to shock everyone with something weird in their finale arcs.

Right now, I'm just waiting for Shogo B'Stard's next post after his post that inspired this post. I might talk about the finale in another angle or better detail -- which could talk about how grim Timeranger intended to be. Hmmm... is it me or am I missing the days when Super Sentai was more serious unlike the post-Timeranger seasons.