Dai Sentai Goggle V Episodes 21-30

I've done some rundowns for episodes 11-20 -- now it's time for episodes 21-30 which would be the third batch. I admit, there hasn't been much of a change for most of the time with the half-brained plans or how Ambassador Hell errr Deathmark just ended up getting forgettable as Fuehrer Taboo's adviser in some episodes.

21 -- Fish everywhere is turning into fossil. Deathdark uses Coelacanth Mozoo (who's got super hard scales) to carry out this rather devastating project to turn the fish into fossils. I guess they did enough research to know how Japanese love fish a lot -- though it also has us to cherish the fish on our tables too. I just felt sorry for the family whose patriarch gets kidnapped. He's a fish farmer and Deathdark wants to use him to fossilize all the fish in the world.

What I find weird though is how in the world doesn't Coelacanth Mozoo not react to that plan considering that he's a fish himself? Also, Coelacanth Mozoo's one weakness is his falling scales soon got exploited by the Goggle V team.

22 -- Toy Story anyone? Well it came before Toy Story. Peacock Mozoo gives life to a series of abandoned dolls such as a teddy bear, a Japanese doll and a French doll. They feel vengeful as they were taken for granted. Miki uses her masquerading abilities to solve the problem -- she does successfully infiltrate.

I was feeling sorry for the toys going wild especially the teddy bear. Why throw away the toys in good condition when they can be donated to orphanages? In the end, the toys have become collector's items at the end of the episode.

23 -- Turn the water into bubbles everyone? That's exactly what Crab Mozoo is planning. A boy's father is wrongfully accused of sabotaging the town's water supply. Deathdark wants to deprive humanity of water which makes me think -- is this some kind of plan to control the water and therefore control the humans? It was later used in Kamen Rider BLACK RX where Crisis Empire had a two parter where they controlled Japan's water.

Saboru is trying to help out a boy who's father is wrongfully accused by the townspeople. In the end, they managed to purify the water from Crab Mozoo's evil. The boy nearly lost faith in his father but later found out how the latter was serious about protecting the town water. Imagine, the one running the plant was willing to risk his life at the dam to save the water supply!

24 -- Deathdark stoops so low as to even use children. Chameleon Mozoo has the ability to camouflage himself as he steals valuable goods. A child of the week takes his picture and this irritates Deathdark to no end. What I find so despicable is how Deathgiller and Mazurka plan to use children to steal valuable resources to finance whatever half-brained plans Deathdark may be having in letting their evil science progress.

What I find amusing was how Chameleon Mozoo also shared his power not just with innocent children but also with Madaramen. The Goggle V manage to outsmart the chameleon and save children from becoming thieves for Deathdark.

25 -- The only dinosaur-based Mozoo and it's based on a pteranodon -- yet we also see it BREATH FIRE like Lion Mozoo. A boy discovers the pterodactyl eggs and it becomes a problem as Deathdark loves to get rid of its witnesses. It's part of yet another elaborate plan to take over the world.

This also has some interesting gymnastics -- the Goggle V almost give us a preview of Jetman when they actually fly in the air for short periods of time to fight Pterano Mozoo. Also, it seems to give us a preview of Zyuranger too with a hospitalized boy and dinosaur goods. Good thing that no dinosaurs were hatched and left to children -- just imagine the disaster that would happen!

26 -- An obviously fake amnesia episode. Kanpei suppsoedly gets amnesia after he's hit by Boar Mozoo's shock waves. This causes people to be forgetful which isn't too much of a bad plan but as said -- what's Super Sentai without villains who lack common sense? I can't help but want to berate Deathgiller and Mazurka for not taking the opportunity to just SHOOT Kanpei and get him over and done with. They really underestimate the enemy more often than not.

It was nice to see some real fighting moves from Junichi Haruta as a Toku legend -- he would go on to become Ryu Hoshikawa in Dynaman and Mad Gallant in Juspion. It was a nice episode with such a brilliant display of Haruta's out of suit raw power!

27 -- I can't help but think of that episode in Batman: The Animated Series where Poison Ivy was turning people into plants. We also see one of the most ridiculous designs ever -- a watermelon-based monster known as Watermelon Mozoo. As if making people into cacti wasn't enough -- the Deathdark decide to turn everyone into plants to create an urban jungle. Can't the villains really learn much from previous mission failures? I guess letting Deathmark come in as the new second-in-command isn't doing well.

This also featured a trap episode that caused Mazurka and Watermelon Mozoo to get conned. Watermelon Mozoo gets destroyed a second time and the effect is miraculously reversed. Really? It would make sense if it were a magic spell like in Zyuranger. I guess writer Akiyoshi Sakai just got lazy.

Sidenote, there's also a moral lesson for this episode. Tatsuya's three classmates disobeyed their teacher and nearly lost their life. There's also the lesson of accountability where Tatsuya's teacher Hiroko decides to resign feeling guilty.

28 -- I wanted to sing rock a bye baby with a crybaby monster but these tears are dangerous tears. Shark Mozoo cries thinking of his dead predecessors which is used to create ghosts of Boar Mozoo, Lion Mozoo, Aardvark Mozoo and Cactus Mozoo. I wonder though if Deathmark should be commended for his plan or not. Using a monster's sadness to create a destructive power is indeed deplorable but is his evil for evil's sake? Saboru also encounters siblings who are manipulated by Shark Mozoo. Although Shark Mozoo looks stupid but don't underestimate him -- he's actually pretty cunning and he's a pretty smooth-talking monster!

29 -- I've heard of the African tsetse fly which carries the sleeping sickness though it's not explicitly stated. I guess Deathdark having had some encounter with Africa has me thinking they got a sample of that fly to create Fly Mozoo. Seriously, where is Professor Hongo? He doesn't even contact them! It could have been the perfect opportunity. I suspect that the sleeping gas actually possesses the sleeping sickness found in Africa.

Meanwhile, Kanpei loses his Goggle Brace and the actor Junichi Haruta gets to display lots of raw power. I love how this episode shows off yet more out-of-suit action aside from the one where he supposedly had amnesia. He gets another brace which leads me to speculate that maybe, just maybe they have spare ones in case something goes wrong. After all, aren't Goggle Sabers frequently thrown at enemies too? So I guess we've got lots of spares!

30 -- This is the story of the Golden Sword and a powerful ninja clan. Here's a strict grandfather who still thinks of finding a worthy husband for his granddaughter -- the last heir of his clan -- all the while he rejects a would-be suitor for some unknown reason. I guess him losing his son and daughter-in-law must have hurt him pretty bad. The Goggle V are all candidates for the supposed successor. Meanwhile, Tengu Mozoo is tasked with finding the Golde Sword.

The Golden Sword turned out to be something that the Deathdark created but it fell into the hands of a samurai clan. The power itself is horrifying as we get to see Deathgiller use it against the Goggle V. Somehow, I just wish that Goggle Red broke it in desperation rather than seeing the weapon thrown at sea. It was also nice for the Goggle V to go into "tengu mode" in this episode. But still, it was a wise decision for the old man to do so, right?


Note that my next post will focus on Goggle V episodes 31-40 and I haven't watched episodes 37 to 40 yet. If I can't watch them immediately then just expect a Lupinranger vs. Patranger weekly episode review to come in between OR some other entry -- since I'm already tempted to speculate on the double agent that's coming for this year's Super Sentai!