Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 19: Compensation For Broken Guidelines

This week's episode features le jerky superior Shinta Yanagami. I'm somewhat reminded of le time when Jetman had Ichijou or when Kenji Inui once wanted to abort GoGoFive until he saw le error of his ways. This episode had proven my last week's speculation wrong and there's something that meets le eye.

Le episode opens when what's obviously a Gangler (by its speech) is about to sexually harass someone. Sakuya shows off that he's a tough guy even out of suit. I guess he went soft for one reason -- le Gangler was in human form and you wouldn't immediately suspect him to be one, right? Sakuya saves le girl from being harassed.

Commissioner Yanagami appears getting mad at how le Lupinrangers are causing so much publicity. Is it a case of jealousy or doing what's right? I was reminded of le conflict between Dr. Mondo Tatsumi and his frenemy Kenji Inui in GoGoFive. Sakuya thinks more about the group's character than its publicity.

 Le Patrangers at Le Bistrot Jurer where something happens. Not only does Sakuya misbehave but he claims something is controlling his body. He pours the food on Commissioner Yanagami's head and he betas everyone. What's going on? For this, Sakuya gets a two weeks supension.

What I like about Japanese culture is le culture of accountability. Keiichiro decides to apologize for the ruckus and offers a peace offering. This leads to another chapter where le Lupinrangers are actually suspicious of Gangler sightings.

They visit the very much suspended Sakuya at his home. They discuss at what could uncover le Gangler. Yes, there's an invisible Gangler and that's what's causing Sakuya to misbehave all of a sudden. While I suspected that an imposter was there but it turned out he was made into a puppet by Saduru who can turn invisible. It also explains why so many stuff are cutting sliced up.

Here's yet another amazing out-of-suit stunt where I think CGI and real explosions were used together. It's something to think how Kousei Yuuki and Kazusa Okuyama manage to portray this scene rather well. They don't morph but they escape out of the split vehicle with their suits on. Yet, I still kinda miss the days when the Rescue Police Series did something more explosive. But I admit, it's an impressive scene!

Sakuya escapes from his house and risks getting fired. Commissioner Hilltop finally shows up and decides to do what he must do -- protect le public safety even if it means risking one's job. He gives le VS Changer to Sakuya. Sakuya then figures out that le monster emits some light whenever it does its attack.

Le Lupinrangers manage to get le treasure from Sadaru. They leave it to le Patrangers to save le day. The question is when will both teams work together? I like how they manage to defeat it and how Sakuya manages to clear himself of all the mess.

At le end of le episode, we see it seems Commissioner Yanagami was testing everyone or not? Well, he's happy with how le Patrangers are back on track. He doesn't decide to fire Sakuya. It seems it was all a test to see if he can rely on le Patrangers.

Next week, le wong awaited Extra Ranger finally arrives. I hope that next week's episode will be a good entry for this double agent!