Lupinranger VS. Patranger 20: Lupin-X/Patren-X Arrives

A new mysterious character arrives and it's one that makes me think, "Is this le guy that will eventually unite both  le opposing rival teams, reunite le Lupin Collection together AND make both teams work together to save le world?" Looks like it's him and here's Noel Takao. Maybe, Noel Takao isn't really his real name -- maybe it's really Noel Lupin! But that's just my speculation!

Le episode begins with a mysterious cloaked figure entering into some compartment. It's from le fine city of Paris! Fine wine, crepes -- he leaves all le French for Japanese. So what's a Japanese guy doing in France in here? I'd love to pretend that he's been part of le new Winspector branch in France but that's just impossible. 

A hostage crisis is done. A mysterious Sun Wukong lookalike named Zaruda Hou -- who almost reminds me of some monster I've seen before. Was it from Kamen Rider Black RX? I'm just getting too "lazy" to rewatch le Showa era Riders huh? Back to business, le mysterious Lupin-X arrives and he saves le girl and her father. Also, there's not one but two Lupin Collection pieces -- one of them looks like le Techno Brace from CHODENSHI BIOMAN -- a show that got so popular in France that Maskman and Liveman were called Bioman 2 and Bioman 3! Yup, I'm getting old though I'm still enjoying this series!

Le next day, I just love le scene where Keiichiro pulls off his running gag. Kairi meets with Keiichiro and is still living his double identity -- it's almost like instances where Nick Fury of SHIELD isn't aware of who Spiderman is in real life. I just love le reaction made by le two -- especially when Keiichiro is THAT determined to put le Lupinrangers behind bars.

The mysterious man or not -- Noel Takao -- he finally shows up at le square and proves he's Lupin-X. He steals everything in a blink of an eye and returns everyone's smartphones. He gets arrested and this leads to a series of hilarious events. He knows who le Lupinrangers are and gives a card to Kairi. Le Lupinrangers are trying to escape while Tooma plans to break Noel out of jail. 

Le investigation is just a funny thing. I just love how le Patrangers are caught off-guard and Keiichiro shows his bullish behavior. I wonder though if I should feel sorry for Tsukasa with le fact that she's le only intelligent person. They realize that Noel is actually from the France branch. I just wish that both Hiroshi Miyauchi and Masaru Masashita from Winspector will guest star as agents from France for nostalgic purposes.

Just as confirmed -- Noel Takao has two modes. He reveals his Patren-X mode which wows the Lupinrangers. Both teams are puzzled to just who is this guy siding with? Why is he helping both sides? Is there some kind of aim to bring both teams together? I hope so. Just looking at the magazine scans where there's going to be a combination using both team's vehicles makes me think that both teams need to put their differences aside -- if they want to destroy le Gangler once and for all!

It's revealed that le Lupirangers end up with a new combination. It angers Keiichiro to why Noel is helping le Phantom Thieves. Talk about Detective Zenigata getting a bad day because a superhero assisted his rival instead of him. X-Train Fire and X-Train Thunder merge with Lupinkaiser. Le X-Train Silver shows its giant cannon. Nice combination of CGI and the stuntmen -- back then it was stop motion x stuntmen. Fortunately, CGI has been able to create a lot of cool effects as its constantly evolves though there's still some stop motion used huh? I think we'll see X-Train Gold in le next episode.

Noel finally shows up and his relationship with Good Striker is starting to get unveiled. Just who is he? I have a feeling he's probably that young master that le butler keeps talking about. So is his middle name Lupin or is his real surname Lupin? TBH, I can't wait to find out all the while I'm enjoying more new school stuff with some K-Drama and more new school Kamen Rider.

Next week, more mysteries will be built up. I just can't wait to see more of this guy. Also, there's going to be a new combination coming soon. Meanwhile, let my restless mind wander or not. Meanwhile, as always I won't give out magazine scans since I'd rather see le mecha in action in the show first. Adieu! See you around!