Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 18: Le Lupin Collection's Secret

Well it's time for le weekly review of Lupinranger vs. Patranger once more. This time, it's about le Lupin Collection's secret. This is just le beginning as more mysteries may unfold soon -- considering that it's already the second half of 2018!

It started out as "peaceful day" in le Patrangers' office -- that's until a giant monster attack happens. Man, don't you hate it just when you are about to have some fun then something terrible happens? Le Patrangers into le city only to discover you can't have this year's Super Sentai without le titular protagonists le Lupinrangers!

After a battle gone sour, we discover that le monster Anidara's remains (who was previously killed during a giant mecha battle as he got stepped on by Patkaiser) were stolen. There's an inside job but who in le world is doing le inside job? It should be very startling yet don't be surprised. There's really such persons in le police force who are doing an inside job for any real life syndicate, right? Worse, Anidara soon challenges le Patrangers to a duel at Mt. Tokiori.

Kogure just loves to teleport. So how does he do it? Is he a ghost or does he have magical powers? He explains le origins of le Lupin Collection. It turns out that Good Striker was valued by Arsene Lupin. Also, Lupin wanted make le collection safe for the use of humanity -- which may even further develop his gentleman thief characteristics.

It's announced on le news that le Patrangers will have a fight at Mt. Tokiori. This gets pretty bothersome as le Lupirangers also find it out. Yup, it's announced on the news. Le Global Police do what they do -- evacuate people to safety due to le proposed duel.

Le Lupinrangers try to get le Lupin Collection piece from Anidara but le Patrangers show up. What I'm impressed is the use of this dangerous stunt together with the use of CGI. I guess we've got some green screen or what to fit into le rope used by le stuntman doing Patren-1's part. But I'd be amazed if actor Kosei Yuuki actually did it himself in suit -- he's got pretty impressive badass fight scenes whenever it's time to fight out of suit. Regardless, it's a very impressive scene!

This also results to one of the worst hijinks ever. Yes, you've got Lupinkaiser with Patkaiser's arms. It may already be a hint of le two teams will finally have to put aside their differences if they are to defeat le Ganglers. It also results to a dangerous scene as Lupin Red must fend up Patren-2 and Patren-3 in the cockpit in le middle of a giant monster duel. Fortunately, le other two Lupinrangers manage to help and Patren-2 and Patren-3 are safely ejected. This still has me wondering how will the two eventually put aside their differences?

At the end, le Lupirangers still have a lot to learn about Le Lupin Collection. I even wonder what hilarious hi-jinks can happen when le Patrangers unmask le Lupinrangers. I hope we get to see Sakuya and Umika eventually trying to decide between love and duty -- maybe le two can play in le role of trying to get both teams to work together to destroy le Ganglers.

Next week, why do I smell a Sakuya imposter could be just around the corner? Something wrong is really going on. Sidenote, we're almost close to the appearance of the double agent Noel Takao. Stay tuned!