Sentai DVD Rambling Part 9: My Dream For More Shout Factory Tokusatsu DVD Releases

Jetman is already confirmed to have its Super Sentai DVD release on September 28, 2018. But why don't we actually dream of other pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai series (or other genres) that should get released sooner or later. Sure, we have Gaoranger which will inevitably lead to Hurricanger's DVD release. So I thought about it way back when I suggested alternate DVD releases

I. The following pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai series in the following order?

Chodenshi Bioman

Bioman could have been the first series that would have been the source material for Power Rangers. However, the American networks turned it down. I think it would be something if Bioman gets released on DVD. Could a Bioman DVD release from Shout! be a good thing? 

Kosuku Sentai Turboranger

Before Mighty Morphin' carried the trope of Recruit Teenagers with Attitude -- Turboranger actually started the trope. Turboranger's plot is where five teenagers with attitude get selected to fight an ancient evil that was sealed away for thousands of years. If that doesn't get some hype then I wonder what will? IMHO, Turboranger should be a pretty good release. 

Hikari Sentai Maskman

Dairanger was dark and gritty yet it sold well with Shout! Factory's release, right? Maskman is pretty much the predecessor of Dairanger in that area. The show focuses on mixed martial arts, the ki to one's inner power and some badass moves. I think Maskman should be a must-see if you're pretty much into badass fight scenes. If Jetman is getting an official release then I don't see why this classic shouldn't get a release. Though I'm writing this down with Dairanger in mind. 

Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Changeman may be very 80s already with some stuff already gone such as the flying carrier mecha but it's got some cool action scenes and storylines. It's a military-based Super Sentai that ends up using space technology to battle the evil space aliens called the Gozma. Gozma has a United Alliance of Evil from different parts of the Universe under its terrifying cruel Grand Monarch of Evil -- Star King Bazoo. Bazoo gathers them and forces them to conquer worlds for him with the ultimatum of destroying their planets should they continue to fail him. The Changemen battle not only to protect the Earth but to liberate the Universe from the evil Gozma's clutches. 

Choshinsei Flashman

Seijuu Sentai Gingaman was more of a nature themed series that directed its power from extraterrestrial Starbeasts while fighting mystically empowered space aliens. Sure, Gingaman really sold and it led to GoGoFive DVD sales. All the while, I still think that Choshinsei Flashman is one classic masterpiece. The series seems to have some stuff Lost Galaxy got inspired from such as the use of insect-like footsoldiers named Zorors (but they were ant-based and didn't grow wings) or the strange leader of the Mess namely Lar Deus. Hmmm need I mention that the five protagonists are children who spent most of their childhood in a lost galaxy too?

II. Other Toku series by Toei that may be worth releasing

Kamen Rider Black and Black RX

1995 was really the year of Saban's failed Mashed Rider series, wasn't it? I thought that it'd be good if we released both Black and the much less successful Black RX as one package or not. Black itself was hailed as a masterpiece that it spawned a sequel Black RX which sadly got looked down upon during its time. I think releasing both would be a good move or not.

Jiku Senshi Spielban

I haven't seen enough Spielban to judge but WTF -- I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be released. I know, I've heard a lot of weird things about it but I'd take over Ryuki's rather executive meddled ending anytime. 

Chojinki Metalder

Metalder was a hugely ambitious project which sadly only lasted for 39 episodes. Still, even with that in mind I still find it more enjoyable than the Americanized VR Troopers. I don't see any reason why we can't release this one. 

Tokkei Winspector

Winspector is is sort of a mash of Automan, Knight Rider and it's a Tokusatsu version of Rescue 911. No central villain involved either. It's the adventures of the protagonist Ryoma Kagawa is also known as Fire and his two robotic companions Biker and Walter as well as his trusty female sidekick Junko. It also has the legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi who acts as the chief of Winspector's operations. Maybe GoGoFive DVD sales worked like a charm while I still feel Winspector is the better show IMHO. Hmmm should we include Solbrain and Exceedraft too? 

Tokosou Janperson

Robocop was pretty much an American concept while it somewhat copied Gavan's design. The success of Robocop as an American film franchise in the past (and sadly, Robocop tends to be misused and abused in his very own home country... pfft) led to the creation of Jiban. If Jiban wasn't enough then Janperson came to be. The inspiration of his design is obviously based on Robocop -- except that he doesn't have a human past. Rather, Janperson is a hypothetical scenario if Omni Products decided to create Robocop without a human donor (Robocop is mostly machine save for some vital organs), gets a malfunction and Marie Lazarus (in this case, played by Kaoru Saegusa) would later save him and program him with human emotions.


I keep hearing how B-Fighter Kabuto was well the decline of the now defunct Metal Hero Series. But I keep hearing how good this series is. So I wonder should Shout! Factory release B-Fighter? TBH I can't say much either. 


  1. Before they had the rights to Super Sentai, they released Tsuburaya series that never saw the lights in the U.S. such as Ultra Q and Ultra 7. Of course when they got the rights to Sentai that was like the second coming.

    If Turboranger is in the list. My life is complete. But Spielban and Metalder should be in the roster as VR Trippers where released.

    Tell you what. At least they are no longer releasing 1 pure year!!!!


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