Yamimaru And Kirika: Featuring Two Teenagers With A VERY HUGE Attitude Problem

Turboranger had its first half concluded with a major retool -- it ended up killing the three main generals with the biggest bang possible. Zimba died, Jarmin died and Rehda died -- all the while leaving Ragorn with no one else but Zulten to be his scapegoat for whatever happens. The two episode arc introduces Yamimaru's alliance with a fellow Wandering Bouma -- Kirika! Though how Kirika remained an infant for thousands of years before aging normally is somewhat vague. So let's dissect this into two episode summaries.

Episode 31 features the outcast girl who was called Sayoko. I remembered watching this episode in the badly done Tagalog dub -- which still makes me cringe and seriously, I'd actually dare to use some excess cash to get a Shout! Factory DVD if it ever happens for better subs! The whole episode is where how often she's an outcast -- she's an odd girl out though I remembered finding said character to be attractive but not as attractive as Haruna herself. Also, seeing the votes going for Haruna makes me think that it's simply a Riki x Haruna pairing.

I like how Riki actually shows sympathy towards Sayoko. I could somewhat relate to Sayoko in my late tens -- especially when I wanted to fit with the popular, spoiled brats in my class who were pampered by their idiotic parents. She has a crush on Riki -- which makes me think that I seldom tend to become a Riki x Kirika shipper myself in one way or another. But strange things happen especially when puberty strikes in the most bizarre way possible -- especially when one turns 18 which is the "age of becoming" of every woman.

She invites Riki for her milestone. Sadly, none of her classmates come which is such a pity. But I adore how Riki went to her home. I just really got frustrated when Sayoko's abilities were neglected. Maybe, they discovered she wasn't exactly normal. The ball exploded and she saw visions of a monster inside her -- Omamori Bouma! Yes, that explosion was freaky and she doesn't understand why events like the mirror breaking or the ball exploding happen. That's until she realizes there's something wrong with her "family".

It turns out that her "family" are nothing but demons that raised her. So how did she remain an infant for 20,000 years only to return to normal adulthood? I guess it's all part of the sealing effect or did the power of Omamori Bouma slow down her aging to that point? Regardless, the "parents" try to poison Riki before their identity as skull monsters are discovered. The other Turborangers later dispose of them and Omamori Bouma -- all the while Yamimaru meets Kirika who would become his somewhat love interest and partner in crime. The Turborangers manage to defeat the enemies all the while they have lost a possible friend -- Sayoko consents to Yamimaru and she becomes known as Kirika. Both can be seen flying towards the Violent Demon Palace to meet up with Ragorn.

What's also interesting is that in this episode, it actually begins with Yamimaru actually screaming to Ragorn to show himself up. He demands to know why his victory wasn't acknowledged. Also, I'm probably still laughing at how stupid Ragorn is and all that he's left with Zulten. Now he has no choice but to recruit two impure ones into his ranks. TBH, I wish only Zimba and Jarmin were written off. Rehda himself could have still played an important part against the Nagare Bouma if you ask me!

The second half should have been titled as "A Teenage Girl's Revenge". It's a frightening thought when you think about it -- an outcast teenage girl finally gets her revenge when she discovers she has freaking super powers! This is what happens and after the two first introduce themselves to Ragorn -- they promise that they will revive the mysterious giant bat Dragas to prove themselves. This also starts some really nightmarish revenge plans -- all from the mind of a frustrated teenage girl who's just turned 18 in biological years!

I dunno I just feel like I wish that Riki would have had more conflict with Sayoko or should I say Kirika. He tries to get her to remember him but she's too engrossed in her hatred and the people who once rejected her. She traps several of the girls who rejected her at the team using Mirror Bouma's powers. This would be part of a mysterious ritual to release Dragas -- a giant bat demon that would be used by both Yamimaru and Kirika in their future conflicts. Hmmm I guess teenagers x super powers is a bad thing huh? Not especially if you can't handle them unlike the Turborangers who show how to responsibly use their super powers -- never use the morpher as a toy, only use the power in times of danger and never let anyone know you are a Turboranger!

Are the Nagare Bouma meant to show what the Turborangers aren't? I think so. Kirika handles rejection pretty badly and that's what she does in this episode. Sure, those girls were mean but I think it's just too much to have Mirror Bouma trap them and Kirika starts trying to use their life energy. Fortunately, nobody died but still can you imagine the danger she's put those bratty teenagers in? At the same time, Yamimaru who's dropped out earlier now has a partner he can relate to. How Yamimaru still has a mind of a teenager with attitude problems after 20,000 years is really hard to comprehend, isn't it?

IMHO, I was thinking that maybe a whole Riki x Kirika pairing could have actually worked. What if Riki too had a crush on Kirika which was why he pitied her rejection? What if he ends up trying to also bring Kirika back to her humanity? He calls her by her birth name Sayoko but she refuses. I really just feel like she's one teenage outcast who mutates into a teenage brat with superpowers. In fact, both she and Yamimaru would soon end up wanting to do their typical crazy plans -- it's probably out of their hatred for the world that motivates them to do what they do, right?