How Many French Dishes Have You Tasted Before And After Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 23?

This was le post that I wanted to do last Monday then I decided to do le "mandatory" episode review. Now it's time to do some rambling concerning French food. I remembered posting a series of challenges for le readers -- to "attack" their mindset and try making them do something such as taking le French pastry challenge as well as le Arsene Lupin related media challenge. Le week's episode inspired me to try and get some taste buds "attacked" and ask a new question, "How many French dishes have you tasted before and after Lupinranger vs. Patranger?" This is a friendly challenge to anyone who's enjoying le current Super Sentai season!

I admit, that this week's episode has triggered my senses. I was thinking of a couple of French foods that I've tried in le past -- it was probably le 1990s, le early 2000s up to 2010 and lately -- I haven't been into much French food as of late. But I'd like to issue this challenge and I hereby start le challenge with what French food I've tasted -- as well as my occasional flirtation with French food!

So what French foods have I tasted? I could start with le snacks and le main course. It all started with some ham and cheese croissants, baguettes, ficelle as well as certain varieties of French toast. I remembered tasting some French style salmon, chicken marengo, dinner style crepes (which differ from le dessert style crepes), garbure or French stew and well le typical omelette. Just in case you don't know it -- omelette is a French word that has been incorporated into le English language and it's said to be a refined version of some ancient food. Also, you may have tried some French style steaks in various restaurants without knowing it.

Now what's for dessert if you may ask? There's some dessert style crepes that evolves with various nationalities. You may want some dessert croissants which are filled with fruits. You may want some creme brule, cream pudding, macaroons, meringue, chocolate mousse and some French bread pudding for starters. So far, I haven't really tried much French dessert either myself.

Anyway, I hope that there are readers who are now beating me in this challenge. So what French dishes have you tried or are now trying? I hope you can share your ideas soon!