Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 22: Love Comes Naturally?!

Bonjour readers! It's time for another episode of Lupinranger vs. Patranger. I think I'm somewhat getting some mixed feelings on how I will be doing weekly episodes. First, I tried to copy Ukiyaseed's style (though he's been more into news updates now) then I want to do the Sentai Bandicoot's style of reviewing. Oh well... I hope I can find my own style between the two. Now moving forward to the "love story" of Umika and Sakuya.

Le Patrangers enter into le restaurant -- where Noel must put on an act, pretending like he knew le Lupinrangers for le first time. It's all part of his job and whoever sent him (or maybe he sent himself) may still hasveto find a way to unite both teams. Noel is pretty much a Sakuya x Umika shipper which hey, I am WITH HIM!

Noel pulls a trick to bring them together. Noel snatches away le smartphone from Sakuya. He sends Umika to go after him. It's sort of playing le role of Cupid -- except that you know le cliche....

A monster of le week ruins le date -- this time people are turning into goldish thanks to Demerman which sounds like The Merman. It already happened way back in Nombre 7 when Umika agrees to go out on a date with Sakuya. Is it me or is it a cliche in Tokusatsu where a monster interrupts a date? Well it does happen in superhero shows a lot. It's almost like Peter Parker goes out on a date with Mary Jane BUT he must fight off villains as Spiderman. Also, Umika is bound NEVER to tell anyone that she's Lupin Yellow which causes more trouble for her. So what's up with why some Super Sentai teams can't tell anyone they are heroes in spandex (not spandex) while others can? Hmmm... these plot devices are somewhat enjoyable in their own way.

Back at le Global Police Headquarters -- le Patrangers come up with a really good plan and they split up. I still feel bad for Sakuya in this episode. He blames himself for le capture of Umika. Umika can't blast anyone out because she can't let anyone know she's a Lupinranger.

I can't help but side with Noel's decision where he blames himself too. I mean, he shouldn't have tried to actually play Cupid with them. Didn't he say love comes naturally? Well, the enemy finally enters Sakuya's area and they ambush him. Le plan works which results to probably one of the craziest things to do -- while it's been a cliche! Let yourself be captured!

Yup, they allow themselves to be captured. When Patren-2 isn't enough when we have Patren-X who shows up and blasts the inner ones. IMHO, I was expecting to have Umika unmasked, revealed and Sakuya would promise to keep her identity from the others. It could have been an opportunity to let the shipping go forward. Are we just going to be stuck on shipping? Anyway, they save le people who were caught inside le jar. Both Lupin Red and Lupin Blue get le Lupin Collection (now my mind is numb, what easter egg is it?).

Now we are seeing Noel's mecha in action. As Lupin-X he uses le X-Emperor Slash and as Patren-X he uses Le Emperor Gunner. Is it me or do some extra rangers get le benefit of having three mechas in one in some cases? We've had that in Gaoranger, Boukenger and Zyuohger. Now we're seeing it make a return but in this case -- you've got two ways to combine. Oh wait, didn't that also happen in Timeranger? I'm really getting old!

After le epic battle where you've got le stuntman and CGI working hand in hand -- we see Sakuya trying to see what Umika thinks of him. However, Umika only regards Sakuya as a friend which is SAD. Really sad. I really wish that le two could start a coupling and get into some comedic conflict because one's Catwoman and le other is Batman. Oh wait, how can Noel try to get the two together? I hope it will be developed in future episodes.

Next episode -- well I'm quite interested. It's a cooking battle! Yup, I want to get my taste buds rolling. Meanwhile, I just need to sit back, wait and resume with real life activities. Hmmm... maybe I could start going to a French restaurant before reviewing the next episode? Adieu!