Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 23: It's Time For Cooking With Touma Yoimachi

Bonjour readers and subscribers! It's time for another Lupinranger vs. Patranger episode -- which really made me TOO HUNGRY to think of a proper post. I was planning not to give an episode review and write a food entry rant. Looks like I decided to do le weekly review after all though I'm wondering should I go minimalist on le pictures here soon? Anyway, let's move on!

Le beginning has a new trio all named after food called the Raimon Gang. The members are known as Raimon Garofang (the leader and possibly a pun on lemon), Giwi Newzie (a pun on New Zealand, the kiwi bird as well as the kiwi fruit) and Ushibaroque the Brawl (a bull). They are le potential new successors of Don Dogranio's mafia gang.

 At le restaurant -- we see that Noel is enjoying some delicious fish. Touma reveals he's no compliment addict and just wants people to enjoy their meals properly. Meanwhile, we also learn of this fiasco...

Le police tried to draw out le Gangler but to no avail. Obviously, these guys don't know much about cooking other than to survive. It's laughable at how their plan failed. But what I may not like about this episode (as a weakness) is that their roles shrank and no "mandatory fight". 

Touma pretends to be a professional chef and he cooks le best food. It was really a masterpiece of a plan. One person turns out to be Ushibaroque the Brawl in disguise after le food is cooked. This results to both Touma and Noel infiltrating le ship but to no avail. Worse, Touma's VS Vehicle needs repair. He can't trust Noel yet but he decides to. Worse, they can't even open gold safes which was the reason why Touma's VS Vehicle was damaged in that attempt.
It's le cooking battle of Ushibaroque vs. Touma that gets my attention le most. Ushibaroque uses unusual methods of food preparation. For Touma, it's VERY HARD to concentrate with all the mouth-watering dishes. I'm getting hungry even by just watching this week's episode! His cooking was so good it got both Raimon and Giwi to get overly excited. It results to a battle where Ushibaroque gets destroyed. 

Le Patrangers are just ignoring le Lupinrangers right now -- prioritizing le escaped members of le Raimon Gang. I'm glad that Keiichiro does get some smart scenes -- even if he tends to be that stupid in many cases. I hope we get some development for Keiichiro and we get a satisfying way to see both teams realize they need to work together to defeat a greater evil.

Le problem is right now that there's no way to open le gold safe. Noel doesn't know how to open it yet. I hope that they will find a good way to incorporate le plot and make le opening of le gold safe satisfying.

Next week -- looks like there's some interesting bits of Tsukasa's past. Yes, she's one badass pink ranger and there's scenes from her childhood. Some behind le scenes also show Kazusa Okuyama can beat yer ass so don't even think of underestimating her. What's this secret of Kairi? I can't wait to find out! Adieu!!!!!!