Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 24: Le Promise To Come Out Alive

Bonjour my readers! After le delicious 23rd episode followed up by a crazy rant of mine -- we are now having some martial arts and some past uncovered. So we discovered Sakuya was once a loser at le Global Police. Now, we are discovering more of Tsukasa's past. Hmmm... I wonder will we get Keiichiro's past revealed all the more soon?

Le Global Police are thinking about le latest threat from le Gangler. Sure, Ushibaroque is gone while Giki and Raimon are still out there causing trouble. Is it me or is Noel really not a good artist? I think he could have gotten an artist's assistance if you ask me. Not that my drawing skills are good either. Hehe!

Meanwhile, a new crazy pendant that causes luck is coming in. Lesson in life? If it's too good to be true then DO NOT accept it. It's just like le double your money scam. Le leaf pendant is increasing like in the short while -- like early investors in a banking scam can easily get a huge return at first so they want more of it. It appeals to their greed.

Kairi does some infiltration. Giwi is disguised as a human and giving pendants to everyone for whatever sinister scheme he has in mind. Just then le Patrangers show up and raid le bar. Tsukasa helps out Kairi. At this point, Tsukasa hasn't discovered it yet that Kairi, Touma and Umika are the Phantom Thieves. She talks about her past.

Tsukasa lost her parents and had a somewhat overprotective grandfather. He trained her in martial arts rather than pamper her like any typical grandparent. She didn't understand why her grandfather did what he was doing. Later, we see Tsukasa defeat a crook who tried to molest her friend. IMHO, it's one of the most impressive scenes done by the actress Kazusa Okuyama. 

Meanwhile, Zamigo shows up yet again. What I'm complaining is that why is he once again inactive after he had a really badass fight last Nombre 10. He appears yet again and he has some kind of dealing with Giwi. There's also Raimon's dislike for Zamigo.

Too good to be true? Yes that's what happens. Giwi's pendant soon wraps people in plants that would slowly but surely absorb all their nutrients. I'm almost reminded of the Batman episode called "Eternal Youth" where Poison Ivy sought to turn people into plants. Another one is le episode in Kamen Rider Black where people got planted by seeds so they can grow some food for le Gorgom mutants. I guess this should be a lesson to children not to to take ANY offer that's too good to be true.

Le fight ensues with le Lupinrangers arriving first. Le Patrangers arrive next. As said, Giwi's ability to dodge shots is not an easy thing to deal with. He's shown it earlier and he's shown it again. Lupin Red takes le risk by wearing le Lucky Pendant to backfire. Le Lupinrangers get le treasure. Le Patrangers take care of Giwi but that's not over!

Raimon ends up enlarging himself SUPER HUGE. TBH, I wonder why aren't villains thinking straight in finding ways to super enlarge their monsters and SQUASH the heroes immediately? But again if they figured that out then where's the fun in Super Sentai or Tokusatsu without such minded villains, right? Le Global Police is crushed down. What can be done?

Next week, we're getting this awkward combination. Both sides must put aside their differences if they want to defeat Raimon. But how can it be done? TBH, I wish that both sides will soon start working together more. Oh yeah, I'm rooting for Sakuya x Umika. I hope Sakuya will discover who Lupin Yellow is and still pursues Umika much to le chagrin of both sides.