Zulten's Pitiful Role In Turboranger's Second Half

One of the things I wished could be explained by the producers and the writers to why the three main generals were killed off in the first half -- all the while the super idiotic Zulten had the most number of appearances among the villains! I could talk about how Zulten already sucked up to the other three generals yet why wasn't he even given the task of destroy the Turborangers or never return to Ragorn's side like the more competent other three generals who all got banished for their failures to destroy "mere infants"? Perhaps, Ragorn considered him insignificant or needed him for a scapegoat -- that's why wasn't given the ultimatum huh?

Episode 34 felt like the start of Zulten's decline as a character. Yamimaru summons the Shigoki Bouma to reveal Zulten's one embarassing secret -- it's his fart ability that knocks people to sleep. Yes, it's one funny episode due to all the pain he had gone through. I think that using him as a fart machine was funny. I didn't feel a bit sorry for him. He had it coming especially when he was involved in bullying Yamimaru. Sometimes, I just feel like justifying Yamimaru's misdeeds -- this one included! He ended up giving Riki the antidote though he would return to antagonize the Turborangers in later episodes.

Episode 37 had me mixed with what to think about Zulten. What was the purpose of writing an episode where he clones himself and creates Zulten Metal Type? He was trying to impress Ragorn again. It reminds me that hasn't he accumulated more than ENOUGH failure that he should be sent to a do or die mission? His creation Zulten Metal Type starts creating robotic zombies out of people -- only for it to be destroyed when its weak spot was discovered by Misa Yamuguchi who managed to fight against her state as a robotic zombie. Yet, he still manages to go back to the Bouma Palace.

It's obvious that Zulten is a dirty cheat and coward. After Ragorn was supposedly destroyed by the Turborangers -- he temporarily pledges allegiance to the Nagare Bouma out of fear for his own life. He can't even control Gunman Bouma and he was terrified of that monster. Later on, Ragorn returns in a mobile form -- he willingly returns to his master's side where he was treated more like a necessary slave than anything. Eventually, he ends up getting killed in the finale when he leads a Garzock assault against the Turbo Builder. So really, what happened?