Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 19: Bon Anniversaire Umika!

Okay, you're probably wondering why I'm using this picture of Haruka Kudo -- it's because it's Umika's birthday! Her birthday is still on October 27 this year -- she's also turning 19 like le character. So let's get started with it. 

Umika gets upset that someone ate le pudding she reserved for her birthday. It's really a bad day to start your birthday, right? Then there's another comical incident that starts le day even worse.

Yup, it's Umika's father! He's really thinking that Kairi is a playboy. I was thinking this episode could have been better (and funnier) if it were Sakuya since Umika is 19 years old (though 18 is le age of consent) AND le former is already a professional police officer.

Meanwhile, le monster Ryugu (who looks like a blend of Yokai Kasabake from Ninninger and Namero Bacho) is aging people at an incredible speed. We see a young teenager turn into what could be a 90 year old woman -- though it's funny how a cane is left behind for the victims to use! I think he doesn't merely age them into old people but into that stage of old age when it becomes unbearable! I mean, some people don't want to have a long old age due to le complications brought by it!

Le Patrangers manage to intervene but realize that they're outclassed. Umika's father is shown to be a very law abiding citizen. What will he do when he discovers that his daughter Umika is a Phantom Thief?

This also brings some interesting flashbacks. I like how Kairi brings up how having lady friends brings him into trouble. Le situation is no different now. At least, they have started to clear up le misunderstanding that he is NOT dating Umika. Still, I'd like to see Umika's father run into the idiot Sakuya in a future episode.

Le flashback shows that Umika decided to drop out and work in a restaurant. This must have been very hard on her dad. So why did the mom give Umika her blessing? I really feel the father here. I wouldn't like it too much if my own daughter drops out just like that!

What's interesting is that Ryugu can also dive through walls. Meanwhile, a new magical weapon is set for Lupin Red. It's an archery set which makes Lupin Red among le list of Super Sentai archers! Hmmm more Bandai merchandise? Unfortunately, it's said by the Tokusatsu News Network that Lupinranger vs. Patranger is setting Super Sentai for another financial low but that's a subject I may discuss some other time. It's a cool bow actually so I wonder what's causing Super Sentai to have low sales this year?

A new VS Vehicle is made it and we have Lupin Kaiser Magic. I do find this weird though as the buildings are moving. I feel sorry for people inside le buildings or when monster attacks happen during work. It really reminded me of that scene in ToQGer vs. Gaim where Micchy's older brother Taketora was told that there's a giant monster battle -- while being oblivious to it. Man, I hate to see how work got interrupted for a magic show!

Just then, it's time for a father/daughter bonding. I'd love to see le character return for future episodes since he hasn't ran into Sakuya yet. Or will he like some Super Sentai relatives just be a one shot guest? Can't be too sure yet!

Next week, Keiichiro loses his memory and he must try to regain it. I hope next week will be a badass episode -- not especially that this guy is a really stubborn mule!