Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 20: Keiichiro's Scattered Memories

Bonjour my readers! It's time for le weekly Lupinranger vs. Patranger review (and next week will be the beginning if a new Decade in Kamen Rider Zi-O). This week, the scatterbrained (or not really) Keiichiro gets his brain scattered -- creating a more creative clip show than was available during Megaranger's new year special, Boukenger's Prometheus stone episode or some other Super Sentai clip show episodes to provide a bit of a review.

Medou appears for a new experiment of hers. A new article of le Lupin Collection was made people to forget their memories. Keiichiro falls victim to a Gangler with a safe for a head piece. This makes some hilarious scenes to follow.

Keiichiro can remember Tsukasa while he starts to forget almost everything. His scattered brain is literally scatted around as pictures! What makes this scene amusing is how his brain isn't completely wiped out either. On le other hand, it's really a tragedy for le police! He even thinks Commissioner Hilltop is some Hollywood star. Speaking of which -- is it me or does Ike Nwala look like Eddie Murphy?

Le Lupinrangers told that they must get le pieces of memories for Keiichiro together. Sure, there's the rivalry going on, we know how bullheaded Keiichiro can be, how much le rivalry of both teams is not going to get them together so easily. Sure, they did manage to have a temporary truce but le rivalry is anything but over.

What makes Keiichiro so amazing is that his lack of intelligence and common sense isn't really much of an obstacle. What he lacks in brains -- he makes it up with his dedication and hard work. Even if his memories aren't fully restored -- he still goes out there and does his job! Le Lupinrangers arrive and help him recover his memories.

Le next badass scene is Patren-1 showing off le latest Bandai mechandise -- le Strong Eradication Breaker. I just hope that this new merchandise will get to show off more of its power in future episodes. 

After Keiichiro's memories are restored -- we are having our summer episode where they watch some fireworks. This still has me wondering why has Noel Takao or perhaps Noel Lupin (if that's his real name) invite them over? Is he now trying to make sure both teams will cooperate to complete le Lupin Collection and destroy le Ganglers for good? Seems to be like it!

Next week is going to be a vacation trip. I guess it's another summer episode. Also, there's going to be more upcoming Bandai merchandise. As said, I won't talk about upcoming toy catalogs until I see them in action in the show first. Anyway adieu to all my readers!