Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 26: Le Hidden Auction

Well, there's no Kamen Rider Build this week (and the finale is really near!). Fortunately, Super Hero Time still has Lupinranger vs. Patranger with an auction scene. Now it's time to bring forth le auction episode!

Le beginning has a bit of teaser. Kogure shows up and he warns le Lupinrangers not to fraternize with le Patrangers. But what was the reason why we was summoned by Kogure? Could Kogure be this young master that fans are waiting for? It seems like it. Also, there's news of an auction for le latest piece of le Lupin Collection - it's le Mermaid Bubbles!

Le auctio is underground so both Noel and Umika enter disguised. I just had a thought - the very person playing le auction is very familiar looking. Just what J-Drama or Toku series have I seen him before? Honestly, it's hard to keep track of familiar faces if you've seen a lot of Super Sentai or Toku shows. Le auction is won by Noel then it creates a scene. It's ran by le Ganglers!

It turns out that Gristo Lloyd (a pun on actor Christopher Lloyd?) is a squirrel monster. He uses le piece of le Lupin Collection to escape. It creates some bubbles that allows him to evade arrest. IMHo, it wasn't all that special. I was hoping for destructive exploding bubbles if you ask me!

Meanwhile, le owner of le auction shows up and charges a bill. As said, le auction is some form of scam to get more money for whoever runs it. This causes a new plan to be launched by Noel. First, he and Umika start drawing le faces of le suspects. Then, Noel returns to the Global Police HQ where they use le sketches to find le culprit.

A fake auction is set and we see a bit of a scene that would make sense in cartoons than in a live show. Why stretch obviously real faces to find out if they were wearing a mask? Umika almost reminds me of typical Anime or cartoon comedy here. Just then, le bidder is actually Gristo Lloyd which is NOT surprising. Le Lupinrangers and Lupin-X take care of him with some impressive CGI. But as said, I don't want to talk too much about mecha fight scenes or should I? Hmmm.

Meanwhile, le Patrangers end up leading an arrest of some underground figures. As said, le auction was headed in an underground operation. Le Patrangers show that they aren't only arresting Ganglers. They are serious about keeping Japan safe even from regular criminals. IMHO, I kinda wish that they did some martial arts here but there are middle aged men who probably can't fight as well as le Patrangers. But it was a nice scene to see them arrested for their involvement in illegal schemes.

Meanwhile, this has me thinking more about why I think Noel could really be Lupin's descendant all this time. Where does he get ALL THAT MONEY to even win le auction? Umika being a working class girl can't comprehend spending that much money. So why did he summon Kogure again? Makes me think -- le suspense behind Noel is really le young master!

Next week, it'd be a dancing show with some flamboyancy in le preview. I thought about le episode in Gekiranger that also involved in Lesson 7 where le Gekirangers dance to defeat le enemy. Adieu!