Kyuranger VS. Space Squad Review

Well I haven't done a movie review for some time, haven't I? I think I do have some VS. Movie catching up to do such as Kyoryuger vs. ToQGer and ToQGer vs. Ninninger now that I'm somewhat out of the taste fatigue zone. Right now, I thought about the Space Squad movies which started with Gavan vs. Dekaranger. Now it's time to link both universes (Kyuranger and Space Squad) in this movie where it's supposed to happen four years after the fall of Jark Matter. The whole movie somewhat gets its inspiration from Avengers: Civil War since one side defends Hammy (Lucky's side) and the other wants to arrest her (Tsurugi's side). The movie shows ups what could have become of the others such as Garu is now a family man, Spada is still running his restaurant and Stinger is still the commander.

Tsurugi manages to become the president of the New Space Federation even if he was born in our time. I think this reality is actually the year 2322 if Jark Matter fell on 2318 -- Tsurugi spent his time frozen for 300 years and such technology won't exist if Kyuranger happened in 2017. The one hour movie manages to link Kyuranger Space 18 with the Space Sheriffs. What I dislike though is the whole idea that Kai Hyuga or Sharivan II isn't there because actor Riki Miura retired from acting. Miura was also Gou Fukami in Gekiranger. On the other hand -- both Geki Jumonji and the Shu Karusama are the guest stars!

The other side of the Universe may be what I'd unofficially dub as the "Space Squad" Universe. There's also a new Jiraiya yet we don't see his human identity yet. The evil organization Genmaku where alternate versions of Metal Hero villains exists -- such as the new Mad Gallant isn't the same one Juspion faced. Right now, we have another version of Demoss here. This version of Demoss gets a makeover which adds him lots of color not found in the original Demoss. Also, Hammy gets forced into committing various crimes (and she's dressed up like Mantis from The Avengers) as he's caught the latter's teacher -- acted by Satomi Hirose who acted as Tsurihime in Kakuranger! Demoss also temporarily revives Juzo Fuwa (Shinkenger), Basco (Gokaiger), Escape (Go-Busters) and Mele (Gekiranger).

What I enjoyed about the movie was also the amount of effort the main cast puts into it. For instance, the temporary civil war may have all the spandex on yet when the four resurrected villains attack -- they show a good portion of their raw power before transforming! It was also interesting to know that surprise or not -- Demoss had infiltrated the Space Federation. There was lots of good fight scenes or how Sakurako Okubo shows she's not just eye candy -- she can beat you if you attempt to molest her! It was a lot of fun seeing all the fight scenes especially against how Demoss creates copies of himself and the four guest villains.

Somehow, I just choose to pretend this movie is like a scenario in a Super Robot Wars game. After all, a lot of Toei's shows tend to take place in separate universes or continuities. Take for instance how Combattler V, Voltes V, Golion and Dairugger XV don't belong to one timeline. Also, Hirohisa Soda's era of Super Sentai tend to keep its entries separate from each other -- just don't even ask why we don't get a Flashman episode where they teamed up with Changeman! Also, an event at the end of it where Luka makes a cameo may prove it though it's unknown if the Gokaigers' lifespans are much longer than Earth humans. Still, the movie can be a fun what-if scenario and I think this movie can have potential in becoming part of a Tokusatsu video game.

Overall, it's a fun movie and just don't think too much about how to fit it into one huge continuity!