Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 32: Demande De Duel

Bonjour my readers! As of late you have noticed that le entries in this blog has ran rather low, right? Okay, I've decided to tone down on my pretending to be French here for easy reading -- since most of my readers are English speakers! In this week's episode -- it's time for another difficult decision on the two sides -- le Lupinranger and Patrangers must cooperate but can they finally cooperate together to destroy le Ganglers?

Last week's episode has le experimental frankenstein of Gauche shrink after defeating le Patrangers. Le Lupinrangers try to get le safe but it turns out that it's easier said than done. Lupin-X appears and rescues le Lupinrangers.

Noel reveals that le five safes are linked into one into the crack project. Kairi suggests using Good Striker but le latter is now weakened. Le split technique can't be used. This also has another difficult situation.

Of course, we know how bullheaded Keiichiro can get it more than one level. Then again, I don't blame him for acting le way he does. He's a cop and le Lupinrangers are currently wanted as "thieves".

To settle things straight -- Noel challenges Keiichiro to a duel. Personally, I wish we had some cool out-of-suit duel instead of this spandex duel to settle things. We've seen both actors Seiya Motoki and Kosei Yuuki fight in several episodes on their own. So why give this moment? It's raw power though with not so much use of CGI.

After le duel, both Patren-X and Patren-1 show up to assist everyone. They definitely need each other to open all le five safes simultaneously! This works like a charm and they manage to get five Lupin Collection pieces -- all of them looking like past Henshin devices. The most notable one looks like the Gokaiger's Mobirate.

They execute this amazing CGI technique together. See how good it is for them to put their differences? Then again now isn't really the time, right? Also, both of them use le same cluster combination way back in Nombre 25. Only this time -- they are now featuring different ways to use it which is almost like saying, "Buy our toys!" possibly due to le lower toy sales this year.

Meanwhile, I couldn't help but think about Keiichiro lost in his thought. Noel goes to le same place where le duel happens. Now, he's thinking about what will happen if he collection pieces get together. I'm thinking of this one -- is Noel really the very young master who knows that secret? TBH, it's hard not to get impatient over this one!

Next week, le Lupinrangers turn into children. I'm already reminded of some Super Sentai episodes in the past such as where the Tatsumi brothers turned into children in GoGoFive, where Yousuke turned into a child in Hurricanger or where Jan turned into a child in Gekiranger. Hmmm... also it sort of highlights Tsukasa's love for children too!