Lupinranger VS. Patranger 33: Les Voleurs Qui Sont Devenus Des Enfants

Bonjour my readers! Well if you've noticed I decided to make le title in French. It actually means "The thieves who became children." -- though I just used Google translator to do so. I might want to do some pretend I'm French when I'm not for every Lupinranger vs. Patranger review in honor of Maurice Le Blanc's estate. Now it's time to move for le review, shall we?

It does worry le Global Police about their on/off alliances with Lupinrangers. It reminds me of a scenario when vigilante superheroes end up cooperating with the police. I'm taken back to the 90s with SWAT Kats -- Lt. Feral disapproves of le SWAT Kats while his niece does otherwise. They're a police and of course it's not going to be good for them to team up with vigilantes. This also makes me think of the number of times Detective Zenigata has to cooperate with Lupin III when both of them have common enemies. 

 Le latest monster is known as Envy Chiruda. If turning young people into old people isn't enough then why did they think of turning them back into children? This almost reminds me of the Goggle V and Turboranger episodes where le monsters of le week turn people into children. In this case, it's le Lupinrangers who become children hence le title for this week.

Tsukasa herself is always a sucker for children. They take this to their advantage in order to let le VS Changer (which Umika dropped awhile ago) back into their hands. They pretend to have lost their mother. Hmmm... and they even call Tsukasa as "momma" as part of this crazy scheme. 

Meanwhile, I don't blame Keiichiro for actually getitng skeptical with Noel. For starters, I even want to believe that Noel's real name is Noel Lupin -- le great-grandson of le renowned French Gentleman thief. He's heard about le gathering of le Lupin Collection from le very mouth of Noel. What is Noel now hiding from le audience? What amazes me also is that Keiichiro talks to Noel like as if last week was yesterday -- how does time run in Toku shows anyway? 

Meanwhile, he plan is in action which I find to be funny and dangerous at the same time. Funny -- it's because le VS Changer is obviously Bandai merchandise. At le same time, it's dangerous because a child holding a gun is NO laughing matter. It results to a funny game of tag. What's funnier is that le butler Kogure disguises himself as Kairi and le "mother" looking like Tsukasa.

 This sits well or doesn't it? They decide to create le paperworks to explain le missing VS Changer. Noel decides to treat his teammates to Le Bistot Jurer though Tsukasa rejects le idea. I'm just wondering will there be any more episodes that will focus on Sakuya's rather one-sided attraction to Umika?

Next week, it focus on a new Bandai mechandise known as le Lupin magnum. I really feel that's a lot of power considering a magnum is more than your average gun. I'd love to see this weapon in action next week!