Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 30: Vacances For Deux

Bonjour my readers! If in case you didn't notice le title where I'm purposely using some gratuitous French -- vacances is le French word for vacation and deux means two. This episode is a fun one at it -- especially with some twist and turns around it.

Keiichiro is going on vacation? That's quite a surprise. I can't help but think it's an undercover mission. It's been a common trope in fiction to pretend to go on vacation. Keiichiro gets a "late summer vacation" considering that fall is just around le corner -- September 24, 2018 will be le next Midautumn Festival and it's time for games!

It just happens to be that Kairi is just around le corner. Out-of-suit, both are friends yet both are also rivals in suits. This almost feels like what if Detective Zenigata and Lupin III both had a double vacation. Sidenote, that dish they ordered really brings me back to Nombre 23 where Touma prepared some rather delicious food. Only this time, it's Japanese and I admit I'm not too fond of Japanese food these days due to my better love for South Korean food.

A sideline scene has a missing girl looking for her parents. It's amazing to think how Keiichiro still has a lack of charm even when he loves children. Kairi manages to help out in some way. It's also here that le police manage to reunite le girl with her parents.

Meanwhile, they discover that le Gangler known as Skankus (a skunk monster) has been loitering. They are wondering why he's just there -- loitering. But it doesn't seem that he's just doing that! It turns out that he's had some malodorous scent that could cause such a problem. Methane gas a by-product of animal waste and it's highly flammable. After all, some of you may be using methane tanks in your kitchen, right?

What was so amazing to know is how Nombre 26's plot of museum robbers is now brought back six episodes later. Keiichiro enters le empty warehouse tries to make a deal with le smugglers. It turns out that le latest artifact is a VS Vehicle called Trigger Machine Splash. The joy is short-lived for Keiichiro as Lupin Red shows up! I wonder when will he discover that Kairi his friend is really his frenemy? Quite predictably, le vacation was really a mission! Le actor Kosei Yuuki shows off rather impressive out-of-suit moves here!

Le Lupinrangers get le Lupin Collection that masks odors. Wow, it really must stink so much! Worse, it's highly flammable. As mentioned earlier, methane is a by-product of decomposing animal waste and fart gas is flammable. Not only is it stinky but it's really flammable! I just end up remembering that really funny episode in Turboranger where Zulten became Shigoki Bouma's fart machine. Le stench is so bad it even reaches le other dimension!

This is also a big test of character for Patren-1. He knows he's going to lose le artifact yet he sees some redeemable value in Lupin Red. I was even thinking what will happen soon when le Lupinrangers' identities are exposed to le Patrangers? Patren-1 lets Trigger Machine Splash to be used. He knows that Lupin Red can get there faster than he can with le Dial Fighter. For one, this is le beginning of both rivals' potential to finally settle their differences!

Le latest combination is known as Lupin Kaiser Splash Magic. They set off le fire started by le Gangler when he went large. Le day is saved but not quite!

Le odor is still there. I even wonder if le Patrangers have even decided to use giant deodorants to help get rid of le scent in le city. Keiichiro apologies for his actions. Commissioner Hilltop says it was for le best. However, le office is still filled with a foul stench!

Kairi is still somehow deep in thought about his late brother and le words of Keiichiro. This has me with le suspense. What will happen when le Patrangers know who le Lupirangers are? Just what is Noel doing right now and is Noel le young master we're all waiting for?

Next week should be le cliche of "repentant" villains. Goggle V movie had a fake defecting of Zazoriya. There were other instances that a villain supposedly turns one's self in. Meanwhile, I just feel it's a trap door though I could be wrong. I'll just need to wait for next week!