Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 31: Le Repentant Gangler?

Bonjour readers! Just in case yo didn't notice -- I haven't been posting much here since I want to focus more on other stuff while watching this year's Super Sentai. So here's my weekly Lupinranger vs. Patranger weekly post and I don't think I'd post much this time for now.

Le episode starts with a magnificent toy commercial of sorts. We see some Golums and le Lupinrangers defeating them. It's not that Gauche is having some kind of plan. But what plan is it? It gets thrilling or predictable -- you decide!

A Gangler named Yoshi turns himself in. This results to some hilarious hijinks especially how can you easily trust a low life? It's too good to be true that a Gangler would just turn himself in so easily! In this episode, Tsukasa gets her soft side which shows how heroes are flawed -- no matter how much of heroes they are!

Meanwhile, Gauche is preparing something new. She's trying to install four safes into a Gangler Frankenstein subject. I really wish we've got more of le sinister feel here. Regardless, it's predictable that this project would be one terribly destructive power!

This also has some conversation with le Global Police. I don't know if it's annoying or amazing that Noel acts so mysteriously. Heck, why am I even still imagining right now he could be le young master that everyone is waiting to show up but the time to reveal it isn't now? He even makes a request to transfer Yoshi to le French HQ.

As expected, Yoshi's nice personality was a farce. Le Lupin Collection (that looks like a Deka License and previously, we saw an Abare Changer-like piece) makes them nice. It's all part of some insidious plan. Honestly, I wish this episode decided to use le plot for real and kill Yoshi for betrayal. I mean, remember some of le good old says when a good monster ended up getting murdered or some live to tell the tale such as Dryer Jigen and Yatsudenwani? This causes Tsusaka to blow off some steam by finally putting le monster out of its misery.

As it turns out, it's Gauche's newest experiment. Yoshi's destroyed and now her newest Frankenstein monster comes in. She installs five safes which grants it incredible power. Not only is le Patranger combination disabled once but twice. It's one strong monster and I doubt it things will be easy next week! 

Next week, le Patrangers and Lupinrangers must learn to put their differences aside. I'm thinking about what will bull-headed Keiichiro do if ever he discovers that le Bistot Jurer trio are in fact le thieves? How will le Patrangers deal with it that Noel is working on both sides? Besides, I feel like both teams need to join forces so le Gangler can be destroyed and le Lupin Collection be gathered together at long last!