So Lucky Is Based On Lucky Star And Lone Starr?

Well it's time for another throwback because it's Thursday. I admit, I've had more fun with Kyuranger last year than with Lupinranger vs. Patranger this year -- though this isn't saying I'm not watching this year but it's just that last year was more fun IMHO. What interests me is that while this year takes inspiration from Maurice Le Blanc's Arsene Lupin series (which in turn, inspired the comedic Lupin III Anime) -- maybe one old school popular culture reference that I didn't know or forgot way back is Isaac Asimov's hero called as Lucky Starr.

Who is Lucky Starr? Asimov under the pen name "Paul French" wrote the hero Lucky Starr though his real name is supposedly David who was in honor of David Asimov -- the son of said writer. Okay, I admit I haven't read any of the books yet (but I'm actually planning to read at least one novel) but from what I know, the first book was called "David Starr, Space Ranger". The book series was written from 1952 up to 1958 with one book per year. Kyuranger would have celebrated the 60th anniversary of the second to the last book then!

If Kyuranger would be the anniversary of the second to the last book -- it's also the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope and the 30th anniversary of Spaceballs. Spaceballs has the rather idiotic hero in Lone Starr who is also a parody of Asimov's hero Lucky Starr. Speaking of which, I admit that I have the habit of calling Lucky as "Lone Starr in spandex" though I never realized his name was actually derived from Asimov's hero Lucky Starr. Hmmm... should it also be strange that Kyuranger's opening theme is also called Lucky Star?

I wonder what entered into Toei's head as they pursue newer, better stuff with the Motoi Sasaki era? I was wondering did they actually bother to dig through old school pop culture and see which ones would fit with whatever changes they are trying to experiment on? Did they also think that perhaps the digital age could actually make Lucky Starr come to life with better special effects? It seems like it but it's really speculative. I'm just speculating that they were probably watching Spaceballs and reading through Asimov's Lucky Starr series for some time!

What are your thoughts on this speculation?