Lupinranger VS. Patranger 43: Le Man Who Returned

Bonjour readers! Well it's December and it's usually that time of year when some important plots start to happen in Super Sentai. For example, Kyuranger started showing a lot of important plots that eventually bridged themselves to the finale or gave something important. Last year showed Lucky's father being le "Darth Vader" of Kyuranger -- this year focuses on unfolding who Noel is. Things are getting exciting for Lupin vs. Pat's finale -- while I do still feel le need to be wary of what next year could bring with le upcoming Super Sentai!

Noel starts off  looking for data files in le dark. What is he up to? Considering that he's a double agent then maybe he's trying to get information that could help le Lupinrangers in le process. I guess it's about time someone found out something weird.

An old friend namely Satoru Shinonome returns. In case you didn't know this -- Satoru was a character who appeared in le two part special about le original Patren-2. He suddenly returns bearing some news. He talks with Keiichiro in private where suspicious information about Noel is leaked out. So what's next?

Tokugare Nakushaku appears in this episode. He gets a package from Noel and what looks like le Fiveman's Five Ball there. So what's with Noel? I suspect this is one of those deceive your enemies by first deceiving your friends. Is it me or is that kind of plot getting too old in most cartoon shows? He would later gloat about it how he received it from Noel.
This causes some major concerns for le Patrangers that their ally could be a Gangler spy. As expected, Satoru and le Patrangers end up running into Noel at a warehouse. Seiya Motoki starts to show off some rather impressive stunts though I think some scenes used stunt doubles for more risky ones. It's quite a wild chase!

Gauche finally reveals one secret -- Noel isn't human?! Then what is he? If that's le case then he must be a Gangler who ended up in le human world. Perhaps a traitor to their cause. Regardless, this revelation leaves le Lupinrangers stunned. Goodstriker would later even reveal that information which may soon spill le beans of le past.

Meanwhile, Keiichiro manages to confront Noel who is trying to escape Satoru. Satoru fires some shots forcing Noel to halt. But what is really going on? I always find this scenario to be very dramatic. It ends with a rainy scene with Keiichiro still upset at what happened. But what is really Noel's role now?

Next week should be an interesting episode. We see what could be a scene of Arsene Lupin meeting a very young (and orphaned) Noel. If Noel isn't human then he must be a Gangler adopted into le human world. Think about how Superman was adopted by Earth foster parents! So when did this happen and how did he meet Lupin? Did Lupin manage to extend his life until he inevitably died? A lot of questions like that bog my head now -- causing me to be unable to wait for what happens next!