My Reaction To Kishiiryu Sentai Ryuusoulger's First Leak

Warning -- I've got some pre-conceived biases going on so read at your own risk!

Well it's really something when I'm just like Kamen Rider Decade when it comes to my admiration for Toku isn't it? I'm just a passing by guy in every fanbase and Super Sentai is no exception. It just had me thinking how innovation can be done good or bad. Last year, we've got Kyuranger which I admit was probably one of the best overhauls done to Super Sentai. This year, Lupinranger vs. Patranger is a pretty good series. But DUNDUNDUN here's the latest leak with the upcoming series Kishiiryu Sentai Ryuusoulger which is translated as Knight Dragon Squadron Dragon Soul-Ger. So what's my first impressions as I got the news from JEFusion?

So we're having the Kyoryuger 2.0 going on with the same color coding going on from said show five years ago. At first, I was excited to think about the possibility of a Super Sentai using mythical dragons but WTF here's what -- it's all about DINOSAURS again! The word dragon originates from the Greek word dracon which means water snake. In science, we have a giant reptile called komodo dragon. I even heard that the word dragon was later used to describe giant reptiles -- perhaps that's where the komodo dragon got its name. This has me asking why are we having a dinosaur season so soon?! Sure, we could be having knights but why dinosaurs? Why aren't we having mythical dragons instead?

It had me thinking is Toei making and pursuing changes based on past successes? It's disappointing to hear that Lupinranger vs. Patranger suffered from low toy sales based on a report last August 2018. I had my theories is that perhaps there's really a surplus in Kyuranger toys caused the low toy sales or that the toys from this year's merchandise are still somewhat pricey. Let me ask you this -- if you had the choice between buying remaining Kyuranger merchandise on sale vs. brand new still pricy Lupinranger vs. Patranger merchandise then which will you buy? It may help explain why Lupinranger vs. Patranger is having low toy sales right now. Some less fortunate people are seizing the opportunity to buy lesser priced Kyuranger toys and waiting for the prices of this year's Super Sentai toys to drop. Then Bandai decides to go with dinosaurs again. Is it me or is dinosaurs already getting overused in the innovative cycle? Evolving with dinosaurs over and over again reminds me of why I even lost interest in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises to start with!

If people want dinosaurs then I thought about why can't we have a dinosaur-themed Kamen Rider as the first after the Heisei era ends? I'd actually be more open to see a dinosaur-themed Kamen Rider than another dinosaur themed Super Sentai. It's too soon to have a dinosaur-themed Super Sentai IMHO because we had it last 2013 with Kyoryuger. I did enjoy Kyoryuger's action scenes and I could enjoy it to a certain extent (after watching it at my own pace) yet I still prefer Abaranger's writing and storytelling more. Super Sentai still has other themes to explore and right now -- there's probably the dinosaur hype still going on with the people at Bandai, huh?

It's too early to make an evaluation on a show before it starts. I have to see it in action first! But it also reminded me of how I'm somewhat allergic to theme repetition when it goes on too much. I'm probably in need to prepare for the worst not ever since this decade has been plagued with a lot of bad things happening and nothing is exempt from getting affected by that fact!


  1. I'm completely with you on this, but financially it's neccersary to go to a popular theme, if this season doesn't do well we might see big implications from it. I just hope the series is at least average, and that the toys sell well enough to save Sentai from cancelation.

    1. @Tom Panis

      It's always a bit of a pain whenever we go forward. I always thought about how dinosaurs tend to get overly used. Sure, I did like dinosaurs as a child but for me the hype isn't as much as it used to be -- at least at a personal level. I'm just wondering though on what's the current reception of Lupinranger vs. Patranger in Japan and why the toy sales went down in contrast to Kyuranger?


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