Why The Rumor That PR Samurai Is More Popular Than Shinkenger In Japan Is Unrealistic

So I guess the same Power Rangers snobs from last decade (or earlier) who made up the lies that Mighty Morphin' was more popular than Zyuranger in Japan or that Lost Galaxy is more popular than Gingaman in Japan (though no offense to Lost Galaxy fans who like said show over its source). So I may no longer like Shinkenger that much like I used to (though it's still in my list of favorites) because I think Yasuko Kobayashi's best work is Timeranger, I don't like the idea of fans giving it too much praise but to call it the "benchmark of last decade's quality" is just funny. I even want to say I wonder if such people ever saw other Super Sentai before and after it -- I even think Gekiranger was the best Super Sentai series during the 2000s!

But I'd like to address the idiocy behind the rumor. Yeah, I know I've done some really insane stuff before (and it's an old shame if you ask me) -- I'd just like to do a bit of common sense testing. I remembered getting excited about Haim Saban returning to Power Rangers -- only for him to really deserve all the backlash and Nickelodeon (a network that I loathe now and I support Butch Hartman's decision to leave it) with how they are dealing with the Power Rangers franchise. Saban tends to think about rehashing the Mighty Morphin' theme song OVER AND OVER again to the point that even some longtime Power Rangers fans walked out of the franchise. Jonathan Tzachor really ruined Power Rangers Samurai big time with awful Mighty Morphin' overhype -- you might as well call it Mighty Morphine' overdose. While morphine is indeed a pain reliever but it has really bad side effects when taken beyond the recommended dose!

So what makes the rumor even more stupid than it is? Power Rangers Samurai gets a lot of flak even from longtime Power Rangers fans so how can it be more popular than its source material in Japan? I even felt PR Samurai is just nothing more than an a re-enactment. Heck, adding Bulk and Spike wasn't helping. I even want to joke right now that Bulk and Spike both packed their bags to move to Japan. It even made me think that as stupid as the Mr. Brown episode was in Shinkenger -- at least Mr. Brown left the show because he was just a guest character! Those two served really no purpose at all. PR Samurai just kept feeling flat and more flat. So why lie that it's more popular than Shinkenger when it's really just that UNREALISTIC, right?