How Many Dragon Quest Games Have You Played Before Kishinryu Sentai Ryusoulger Will Air This March 17, 2019?

While the color-coding of Ryusoulger reminds me of Kyoryuger on the surface yet the attires feel like they were taken straight out of European people if you ask me! What goes into my head are some classic American and European fantasy films and literature that the Japanese ended up taking inspiration from for stuff like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. In my case, it does feel like Dragon Quest with the attires and the fact that Kishin means Fierce God and Ryu means dragon. The Super Sentai's English title should be Fierce Dragon God Taskforce Dragon Soul Ranger -- now try saying that all over and over again before you proceed to this next challenge!

Now I'd like to post a bit of a silly post and a challenge which I know I've lost to a lot of people out there. I just want to ask this question before March 17, 2019 arrives -- how many Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior for the American version until Dragon Quest VIII was released in English without the title change) have you tried playing before Ryusoulger airs? Why I'm even wanting to ask this question and to pose this challenge is because I'm getting the Dragon Quest vibes (and I'm not even a huge fan of said series). The heroes are dressed up like Middle ages Europeans even if they are modern-day Japanese. Who can remember Zyuranger's main cast dressed up like well Middle Ages Europeans and the ancient times ruled by dinosaurs looked like the Medieval times rather than the Flintstone's?

So I'd like to confess I haven't played much Dragon Quest and I don't intend to play the super old ones that were in the NES or Super NES. I did play Dragon Warrior VII but I dropped it because it's so frustratingly slow. I finished Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2 and it was a huge improvement over its previous titles. Later, I would beat both Dragon Quest Warriors 1 and 2 which for me are a nice spin-off the main lane. I'm wondering should I get Dragon Quest XI soon? Maybe not because I do have other stuff catching my interests. Heck, I even feel like a bunch of Korean action shows coming out this year may even intervene with my casual like for Super Sentai. That just gives me a total of three games beaten and one game where I did a rage quit on it.

What about you? How many Dragon Quest games have you played before Ryuusoulger airs?