I'm Somehow Glad That I Don't Find The Latest Super Sentai Girls That Hot For My Taste IMHO

I admit I have the stupid tendency to watch Super Sentai for the dumbest of reasons such as because there's that attractive heroine (and that happened that I decided to rewatch Super Sentai during the 2000s for that reason) -- I'm just glad that newer Super Sentai girls aren't that pleasing to my eyes anymore. I know, it was a dumb reason for me to temporarily skip Kyoryuger and ToQGer for Megafart (which had hotter girls but it's one stupid show) but again I thought about a couple of shows I watched even without an attractive heroine. I did watch some Taiwanese series where the female protagonist wasn't really hot then the same can be true for Super Sentai.

I just watched Gokaiger for the anniversary series that it is rather than because of the ladies -- though I have the tendency to like Boukenger better because of Sakura and I don't find Luka and Ahim all that attractive. I don't even find Yoko in Go-Busters that attractive either and I just watch it for the plot. Kyoryuger? Well the girls never warmed up on me either and I can enjoy it more for Koichi Sakamoto's directing skills. ToQGer's girls are cute but not hot but still I can't see any reason not have a shift of opinion towards said series. I know I've joked about how Ninninger is "better" than that hideous Ninja Steel errr Slag because the girls are supposedly hotter but they don't stand out much either. The only girl I found attractive in Zyuohger is Amu but that show really isn't worth my watch as much as Kyuranger. Hammy in Kyuranger is cute but not hot which helped me appreciate the show even better. Then I think Lupin vs. Pat girls aren't all too attractive either -- I couldn't exclaim much at how "hot" Kazusa Okuyama is (and I think Haruka Kudo looks too much like a teenager for an adult) in contrast to her showing off her amazing out-of-suit stunts!

So how does it fit in anyway? I'm just reminded of what I did and do enjoy about a lot of Super Sentai such as the better writing and characterization even if some of the flaws do exist. I just think about how I enjoyed Changeman and Flashman for the plot -- I don't think both shows had eye candy but I can enjoy them for the way they were carried out. The same applies for shows like Goggle V, Dynaman, Zyuranger, Kakuranger, Ohranger, GoGoFive, Gaoranger, Go-Onger, Gokaiger and Go-Busters. I don't find the females in those shows all too attractive and I watch said shows for their content. It's already too obvious that no matter how I find Kimberly to be way hotter than Mei -- I'd still pick Zyuranger (which I don't find to be all that good compared to Abaranger which I tend to treat shallowly because of Ranru) over Mighty Morphin' any day. GoGoFive and Timeranger may not have very pretty girls but they are worth watching for the compelling plot. Heck, I'd still pick Timeranger as Yasuko Kobayashi's Magnum Opus even if Yuuri isn't all that attractive in contrast to Mako.

As said, it's all in the eyes of the beholder. You can go ahead and think otherwise. For me, I don't find them that hot anymore. Somehow, it has helped me to start to get over my on/off superficiality which I just watch shows for stupid reasons. After all, Megafart had very attractive girls but we know where it ended -- it's still the worst anniversary season ever that gave me another valid reason not to like Power Rangers! Either way the beauty of the female protagonists is hardly relevant -- it's all about what the quality that they bring to the table!

Anyway, I hope this crazy rant gets off some steam now that the Heisei era is coming to an end!