Lupinranger VS. Patranger Finale: Je Suis Sûr De Te Revoir

Bonjour and should I say adieu my friends! It's time for me to finally drop my pretending I'm a French guy act or is it? Well, there's still Lupin vs. Pat vs. Kyuranger (that's a MOUTHFUL) some time later -- which I may soon skip or not? Anyway, here's my thoughts on le finale of this series!

Le final battle against Don Dogriano is that intense. He does seem invincible and le Patrangers are getting their butts kicked. But they aren't giving up so easily. I just love all the Michael Bay-ish explosions that accompanies Don Dogriano's final assault against humanity.

Meanwhile, le Lupinrangers are contemplating about their supposed demise. They are actually thinking that it would be their end. I can't blame them for being willing to end their lives. They may be phantom thieves but they have their honor. They could care less if they would live or die as long as the world is saved from le Ganglers.

I just love le whole scene where le Patrangers and Noel are already moving every last step. They are using le power-ups of le Lupinrangers! I wonder is Lupin vs. Pat meant to contrast two different eras of Super Sentai? I remembered back then when thinks were simpler with less power-ups during le 80s and the 90s up to present gave us a lot of them. Think about how Fiveman introduced a team power-up and le trend has been evolved and innovated more often than not. But I tend to like le simplicity when people back then didn't have much power ups -- that's why I choose le Patrangers in le whole show's run!

As le Lupin Collection is returned back to le Lupin Estate -- Don Dogriano starts to become a withered husk. He isn't as powerful as he used to be yet they can't break le chains. Keiichiro wants to break le chains because killing Don Dogriano would kill le Lupinrangers. Commissioner Hilltop then gives le order to arrest and that he would take responsibility. Don Dogriano is too weak that he can't fight back.

It's a year later and I wonder how did Don Dogriano survive in this maximum security cell without food or water? Shouldn't he have died or do Ganglers not require food or water? I really thought that this is somewhat a nice u-turn in ending le main villain. Rather than have him destroyed -- he would start to contemplate all his sins for the rest of his life as a means to prolong his agony! Yet, there are still remnants of Gangler whom le Patrangers battle!

It's nice to have a bit of a nostalgic cameo. No, this isn't Mai Tsubasa, Haruka, Jun Yabuki and Hikaru Katsuragi -- it's just le actresses making a cameo. In case you didn't know -- le Lupinrangers had a send-off party some time ago. I guess they decided to make a cameo to help keep the Super Sentai spirit alive. I wonder are their children watching Super Sentai? Yet, I still think about le generation gap and I understand why newer Super Sentai fans just can't enjoy old school either. Heck, I don't even find myself willing to sit through Goranger or JAKQ!

I just love le dramatic reunion and how le Lupinrangers escaped le pocket dimension. So I wonder how in the world did they survive without food or water or did time freeze there? It turns out that a temporary group was created out of le three missing people that le Lupinrangers cared about -- Shori, Aya and Shiho! Akibaranger reference? Maybe! This has le Patrangers startled at how le Lupinrangers escaped. Then there's a random palette swap of Good Striker called Jackpot Striker. Last minute toy sale? Reminds me of how GoGoFive had a palette swap of Max Victory Robo in le finale!

To no surprise -- it was Noel who trained them to be le Phantom thieves, right? However, le Lupin Collection isn't gathered yet. 

This has a bit of a Tom and Jerry throwback. After le Lupinrangers appear -- there's some more transparency going on. Le Lupinrangers are still Phantom thieves who seek to complete le Lupin Collection and fight le Ganglers. I remembered how le Tom and Jerry movie ended -- Tom was still seen chasing Jerry in their new home after they supposedly reconciled. Is this some kind of throwing back le fourth wall? Did le whole cast agree to this? Anyway, it was a nice way to show how both sides can never be together yet they team up when they need to. Though, it could have been better if they finally teamed up to defeat the remaining Ganglers instead. Why?!!!!

After le credits ended -- we see Ryuusoul Red try to cool down le fight between them. It's going to be FOUR WEEKS before Ryuusoulger shows. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about how to write my latest updates. Should I just compile all le four episodes of le upcoming Strongest Battle mini-series or will I still do a weekly review? Also, will I end up taking a backseat with le upcoming Super Sentai series because I'm watching some Chinese and Korean series right now -- only updating when I feel like it? Anyway, adieu everyone!


  1. So happy since boring Sentai was finished its year. Worst villain, boring story, so so character with so so acting.


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