My Latest Thoughts On Ryuusoulger After The First Day Of Chinese New Year

Excited? Nervous? I just finished my celebrity portion of the update in my East Asian Celebrities blog. Now it's time to focus on the storytelling part with my early impression of the characters and what to expect from them. Now it's time to try not to think about the cast members AND focus more on the upcoming main cast of characters based on what UkiyaSeed has to give.

What's my thought on the character designs? They almost look like Dragon Quest characters! Granted, Akira Toriyama of Bird Studio is the man responsible behind Dragon Ball Z which was adapted by Toei into the Dragon Ball Anime series. I wonder is Toriyama involved in here or is Toei giving him a tribute with this series? I feel like an RPG is coming out. I even want to think it's like Kyoryuger (hopefully we won't get a Daigo Kiryu 2.0) married Knights of Tir Na Nog or Dragon Quest married Super Sentai -- at least on the surface!

Kou/Ryusoul Red the Brave Knight

Okay, didn't we have a Kou during Dairanger 26 years ago? He is described to be, " this fearless young man is a combat genius with a curious and bright personality. While training to become a Ryusoulger under the eyes of Master Red, the Druidon attack and he is leaves home with his friends, Melt and Asuna." This has me thinking of the Dragon Quest Heroes game that came out last 2015 but only played it last year -- with Luceus the male protagonist of the series! I wish that the people gave him some the Goku hairstyle instead of what we see here. I wonder if he will be highly talkative like Luceus (whose Japanese voice was Tori Matsuzaka) was in Dragon Quest Heroes?

Melt/Ryusoul Blue the Wise Knight

He is described as, "is a young man with an endless thirst for knowledge, but falls short compared to his friends, Kou and Asuna. He has a photographic memory and never loses to an opponent. He takes new things slow, and is unsure on his feelings towards actual battle. He envies Kou's straightforward approach." Is it me or am I getting the vibes that Sion from Timeranger here with the dyed hair though didn't we also get that with Doc from Gokaiger because of that?

Asuna/Ryusoul Pink aka the Robust Knight

She is described as, "grew up in a house of nobility. She is incredibly intuitive about things, which causes her to say things at the wrong time. The only female member of the team, she is the strongest Ryusoulger, but is shy about that fact." So she's the strongest member? Yes, Super Sentai does have some really strong women though most of them tend to rely more on their wits to win a fight than brawn. Remember some Super Sentai girls may be physically the weakest yet they save the day with their wits? It doesn't seem to be the way with Asuna though. I'm just glad though they didn't get a woman bodybuilder since I always like it when strong women look weaker than you think -- like Suzy Bae is a blackbelter but doesn't look like it! Speaking of strength -- Hina from Kamen Rider OOO is the strongest character in said series!

Towa/Ryusoul Green aka the Gale Knight

He is described as, "a man who refuses to be defeated by Kou in talent. He has unbelievable speed, but he is a staunch pacifist and refuses to use 100% of his abilities. Incredibly attached to his older brother, Banba/Ryusoul Black, he is fairly complacent as long as he is around." I am getting the Chiaki vibes here if you ask me! I remembered how Chiaki always wanted to best Takeru Shiba in Shinkenger one way or another. Also, he's got a sibling who's also his group member. So how will that play into the series?

Banba/Ryusoul Black aka the Majestic Knight

He is described as, "this man's combat skills has reached the "Master Level". He genuinely cares about protecting the Earth, but also fights the enemy Mynasaurs to prove his strength. He's unfriendly to all except for his brother, Towa/Ryusoul Green who cares for, but he never shows it." An anti-hero Gai Yuki style anyone? I just wonder if he's also a womanizer here. I suddenly remember Gai in Jetman was pretty much someone who was afraid to show he cares too.

So what role will both Ui Tatsui and her dad play in the series? Ui's dad is a paleontologist and Ui first encountered the Ryuusoulgers. I wonder how will these two play a part in what could be an upcoming RPG?

So far, no details in the villains yet except for Tankjou (who will be voiced by Joji Nakata) a tribe general and Creon the creator of the Mynasaurs. Nothing is known about who Druidon is as of the moment.