My Thoughts On Dai Satan As The Last Boss Of Super Sentai Strongest Battle

I decided to read Nihon Hero and got an interesting tidbit which reveals that Dai Satan might as well be the final boss of the four-part mini-series. Here's a summary of said series:

Super Sentai continue to attack Gaisorg who wants to challenge & fight the Strongest One in the Universe. Meanwhile the true meaning of hosting Super Sentai Saikyo Battle comes to light gradually.

Using the battle of Super Sentai, they were planning to revive Dai Satan in order to destroy the whole universe. The end of the Universe is getting near. Will Super Sentai be able to save the universe by bringing their Hearts of Justice, together?

Just for starters -- Super Sentai series are usually independent or self-contained from each other or there are many universes for Super Sentai. If you've seen Kyuranger cross into the Dekaranger/Gavan universe then you might realize how there are parallel universes across Super Sentai such as the VS. Universe. Then if you've watched Zyuranger, Abaranger and Kyoryuger -- you will realize the way dinosaurs died per series can't agree with each other. Bandora led to the great extinction, Abaranger had a meteorite crash to create Another Earth and Kyoryuger had a monster trio do it. So we don't know how Ryuusoulger will carry it out. Hopefully, that will be clear to the minds of people who wonder why dinosaurs died differently per series. Here's me looking at someone who asked that rather valid question some time ago!

Let's think about the possibly of Dai Satan or at least another version of Dai Satan appearing as the last boss for the four-part miniseries. Somehow, I already thought that Rita herself is just pretending to be a sweet girl and well I'm partly right but I could be wrong about other stuff. Some assume she could be Bandora's reincarnation or even a daughter or relative. My theory is that she's just another villain who wants to harness Dai Satan's powers to lay waste across everything. In Zyuranger, Dai Satan is the ultimate evil whom Bandora made a Faustian pact with after some tragedy in the past.

I think it's too predictable to what's going on because for one -- you have a witch named Rita (and if you remember, Mighty Morphin's counterpart for Bandora is Rita) and the heroes are taken to Planet Nemesis. Nemesis was a pretty barren wasteland in Zyuranger. Super Sentai Strongest Battle's version of Nemesis is far from that or is it just an illusion for all we know? Also, I don't think that the people behind the show are just naming the galactic witch as Rita for nothing either. Is it me or is it funny that we had Hammy looking like Mantis from Marvel, Rita Repulsa looking like Mantis from that failed Power Rangers movie and now we have a Super Sentai witch named Rita? Oh boy is it me or is it trolling time huh, Toei?

What are your current thoughts on the series?


  1. Isn't this Masahiko Urano's character from ZyuRanger (MMPR S1's Lokar) got defeated by the Ultimate Daizyujin/Daizyuzin (Ultimate Great Beast God) in the final episode of the 1992 Sentai? Well, since it's 2019 A.D., I don't think Ultimate Great Beast God will defeat this again. This one needs more than one giant robot on this one. The only problem is that those Giant Sentai Robots and other mecha are fighting against one another in order to get the "Strongest Squadron Trophy" and allegedly cash. Well, let's find out on March 10, 2019 a week before Ryuusoulger will air on TV Asahi.

  2. Saw this and I am afraid it is going on the same path as Super Hero Taisen. All fights no plot.
    If they got more alumni actors it would have much more of a plot.
    The character that is organizing the contest. When I heard she is from Nemesis and her staff has a familiar design and she is named RITA. Zyuranger/MMPR salute. Zyuranger isn’t even that popular in Japan but because of the American ride. Toei is riding it too!

    1. @Cyber9989

      I would like to say that at least it's NOT a rushed movie under the watch of Shoji Yonemura and Shinichiro Shirakura. Hehe.


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