Super Sentai Strongest Battle Final Week: NEVER MESS WITH SUPER SENTAI!

All explosions courtesy of Koichi Sakamoto and Michael Bay?

This is the final week of this Super Robot Wars/Super Hero Taisen type mini-series. Personally, I think this four-part mini-series totally owns the overly rushed Dimensions in Danger during the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers. Giving it four parts actually help spread development and pacing rather than just something as rushed as Forever Red. Now let's move on...

The last episode had Captain Marvelous allow Gaisorg to possess him. Now I wonder where have I seen this kind of move before aside from Gaoranger with Shirogane's daring sacrifice? Fortunately, Marvelous has had more strong will which makes him way more badass than Tommy "That Overrated Prick" Oliver in more than one level. He manages to rescue both Luka and Takaharu (who's fortunately improved overtime). I like the chemistry between Luka and Marvelous here though they sadly -- aren't officially a couple.

So what's Rita's motivation of trying resurrect Dai Satan? Well, hate to admit it but some criminals aren't really motivated by their desire for power. Others are victims of injustice themselves or are tragic villains. Okay, we did have Bandora who went crazy hating all children because she lost her own. Rita belongs to a planet where justice doesn't seem to exist. She doesn't care if she perishes along with everyone. Hmmm doesn't she remind me of my tendency to wish to destroy all existence because of how miserable society can be?

I love how Stinger still brings up his older brother Scorpio. It's been two years yet this scene always made me think of what happens when you take the wrong path. I love the emotional heartfelt speech there is by Stinger towards Rita's misery.

Dai Satan does finally show up and he's got a cool badass form yet doesn't speak outside growls. This new form almost reminds me of how Lokar in Mighty Morphin' does have a body in the Talos Dimension -- something that's not canon to the Power Rangers storyline. Rita? Dai Satan with a body like Lokar in the comics? I don't know what's going on right now.

The Team Weirdo does get creative. Power-up everyone to their best forms yet? Well, they do try their best only to realize that Dai Satan is still that powerful. They get de-powered but guess what? We get a cool out-of-suit fight scene with mooks left and right.

Luka shows she's badass. Mooks show up, she fights out of suit then she morphs into Gokai Yellow. It's really one amazing fight scene how she manages to do it alone. She destroys the source of power that is empowering the newly revived and restructured Dai Satan.

Okay, is this really from A Little Mermaid? Remember the scene when Ursula got impaled by a ship by A Little Mermaid? Gokai Red calls for Gokai Galleon to impale Dai Satan. They didn't need the help of Kyukyoku Daizyujin after all. Sidenote, this four-part special still made me wonder why Toei just didn't assign ToQGer to Naruhisa Arakawa instead of Yasuko Kobayashi? I think Arakawa handled Kagura better than Kobayashi did in here.

Well, I guess Michael Bay got here for this scene, right? This one causes one huge explosion -- Bay style! I'd want to imagine that both Koichi Sakamoto and Bay were secretly working behind the scenes. I just love how the powers of past teams arrive to assist Team Weirdo. The new super ball technique does throw itself back towards Goranger, Fiveman and Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai. They use it to destroy an otherwise gigantic Dai Satan. Remember when Kamen Riders did combine their powers to destroy the Great Leader in both Kamen Rider Stronger and Kamen Rider Skyrider? Hmmm too bad we never had the Kamen Riders referenced there.

Rita then gets her power from Gaisorg. But it doesn't last long as both Ryusoul Black and Ryusoul Green both show up and totally own her. She's freed from Gaisorg's control. I just really love her desperation moment after Dai Satan is destroyed.

Stinger then arrests Rita. So from what universe or dimension is she from? I really love how there's times when not all Super Sentai villains get destroyed. Some of them can still be redeemed. Rita is probably just a misguided youth. I love how Stinger hopes Rita can repent for her crimes. She's arrested and I believe this is the last we'll see of her on-screen.

Next week, we're getting ready for Ryusoulger's arrival. Will somebody please play the Dragon Quest opening theme in HD to get the hype started? Then again, there's still some upcoming Korean series I want to check out so just be ready for me to update less in here -- only giving rushed updates for Ryusoulger if ever other new school stuff catch my eye yet again!