Super Sentai Strongest Battle VS. Dimensions In Danger

Super Sentai may not be perfect, it has its flaws, it had its reduction in ratings from time to time then it has recovery periods, there are times when there's a single Super Sentai series that wouldn't immediately kick off and would require its staunchest fans to defend it. However, Power Rangers has been stuck in the Krusty Krab since 2011 after it got out of Hanna Montana land around 2010. It's best to even say that Power Rangers jumped off from the frying pan and into the fire! Now, I'd like to compare the four-part mini-series to that rather rushed Dimensions in Danger!

Let's start with the main characters, shall we?

I know I've had issues with Ninninger's Takaharu but I have to admit -- he's GREATLY improved in here thanks to Naruhisa Arakawa! Kagura herself manages to come out how I think she could have come out if Arakawa and not Kobayashi were in charge of Ressha Sentai ToQGer (but not that the ToQGers were unlikable under her watch -- just that Arakawa knew Imagination Power better) and we could start with the ONE AND ONLY Captain Marvelous of Gokaiger!

Captain Marvelous can be considered by many to be the greatest red ranger of all time -- though I may disagree! But if there's one thing I agree with Captain Marvelous fans who regard him that high is that he's WAY BETTER than that overrated prick Tommy. Dimensions in Danger has TOO MUCH TOMMY. But how does Super Sentai Strongest Battle handle Captain Marvelous? You can think about that he doesn't hog the screen time and everyone gets real, equal opportunities throughout the whole mini-series! He doesn't grab attention and he gives everyone the chance to shine! Hmmm, should we mention Hiroshi Miyauchi is way better than Jason David Frank as a recurring actor? It's because he NEVER plays as one single character only in many of his appearances. Kamen Rider V3, Aoranger, Big One, Zubat, Captain Masaki and Commander Miura are NOT the same person!

There's more characters in Dimensions in Danger than in Super Sentai Strongest Battle. The question is how utilized were the characters in the Power Rangers special episode? All I can say is quality defeats quantity. We've had some guesting such as Keiichiro, Eiji, Kakeru, Doggie Kruger and Luka who all played a part in getting Team Weirdo's act together. Then we can talk about how Captain Marvelous never hogs the glory of his teammates. Tommy? Well, that guy always hogs the glory which made me further hate the character even further.

The four-episode miniseries is better than a rushed 30-minute tribute to the franchise

I wonder what in the world is Power Rangers doing to itself in more than one instance. How many times does that franchise plan to keep shooting itself at the foot? Dimensions in Danger was supposed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers but GUESS WHAT -- it just showed how stagnated the franchise is. I may think Super Sentai isn't as "good as it used to be" but it doesn't mean I can't watch or enjoy newer shows to a certain extent. I know I went bonkers because of Kyoryuger's Daigo Kiryu, Kento Shimoyama writing Ninninger, Zyuohger couldn't beat Gokaiger IMHO or ToQGer is where Yasuko Kobayashi was already burnt like Hirohisa Soda was with Fiveman and Toshiki Inoue was with Kamen Rider Kiva. But you have to admit there's some things achieved such as ToQGer's Railroad Day award or maybe we can talk about Super Sentai surviving in spite of Zyuohger's lower ratings. Kyuranger gave some good toy sales too!

How does Super Sentai Strongest Battle defeat Dimensions in Danger? The four-part mini-series gave room for real development and pacing. The introduction of Garisorg as a cursed armor or the whole tournament and battle between dimensions (or universes) is more explored. Sure, there are some parts still unexplained but you can think how well-spread Super Sentai Strongest Battle is. Super Sentai Strongest Battle seems to have this in mind -- "We're ending the Heisei era soon so let's end it with a bang!" It doesn't seem to be the real concern of Dimensions of Danger -- it just seems to think, "Power Rangers' 25th anniversary. Let's celebrate. Don't know and don't care but let's just celebrate!"

The four episodes were really leaving some suspense like who was Gaisorg? What is Rita's plan for the tournament? What will happen to the winner? The guest stars appear there for a purpose -- as contestants. Sure, I would have wanted them to appear in the finale but we know Team Weirdo's gotta finish the job, right? It was good pacing that would gradually make way for a different era for Super Sentai.

Dimensions in Danger proves that Power Rangers is a franchise in danger!

It's no secret that Power Rangers is GETTING WORSE for most of its run. Even some longtime fans have mercilessly beat up Power Rangers Samurai (which caused Power Rangers snobs to lie that it got more popular than Shinkenger in Japan which is BALONEY), Power Rangers Megafail (which should be the worst plotless mess I've seen in my life), Power Rangers Ninja Steel (though I just beat it up because Ninninger's girls are hotter but in truth I don't like it and its source), and it's uncertain on whether or not Hasbro can really do something with Beast Morphers. In fact, it caused me to even write about on whether or not Power Rangers will die any time soon as a result of poor decision making. If Power Rangers were really that strong then why has it been shifting American owners from Saban to Disney to Saban (again) then now it's Hasbro? Who knows Hasbro (if it ever fails) may not even bother selling the franchise and just cancel it with Toei's approval?

Some longtime Power Rangers fans may have walked out of their once beloved franchise to see more of Super Sentai. They may be getting fansubs and buying the official DVDs even if they won't like every series. I even think why I'm better off not being a Power Rangers fan is not only because of Super Sentai -- there's more American shows out there worth watching. Hasbro still has Transformers (though Takara's version of Transformers is also pretty entertaining on its own) and G.I.Joe -- both American originals!

Better just ignore the Power Rangers snobs and avoid confrontation with them -- they're just a waste of time. They're in a sinking ship and don't want to be rescued. Besides, if it wasn't for Super Sentai then Power Rangers just can't exist, right? Toei will just laugh its way to the bank all the while Power Rangers still has to pay its royalty fees regardless if they make a profit or not.


  1. Super sentai strongest battle is great. Only one pink was chosen. And gokaiger is the caretaker of super sentai. Luka rocks and i love her role, luka and marvelous have a good chemistry


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