Ryusoulger Episode 3: Cursed Gaze

Well it's time for another Ryusoulger episode. We've got some new Menasaurs and this time we've got an ally infected. Ui who is sort of their ally (hopefully she becomes helpful in finding more Bandai merchandise) becomes the host for this latest episode. 

Well it looks like we're sticking to the whole "small scene plays before opening them after all". Ui trieth to upload her latest video to the Internet when Creon shows up and infects her. This would create an important plot point later in the series.

The Ryusoulgers are in search for their two other allies. This also has them introducing the Ryusoulgers' ability to shrink their Kishinryus down to human size. Koh, Asuna and Melt are trying to communicate with their Kishinryus or Knight Dragons. Melt still has a hard time communicating with his Triken at this point.

It's no surprise that Ui wonders why she's feeling sick. She doesn't realize that Creon had just infected her. She finds out her latest would-be scoop but finds out she's too sick to do it. She would later realize that she became the host which createth a dramatic turning point. 

The battle draws to a dramatic point. Now the other two Ryusoulgers arrive not to help but to brag. Yup, it's kind of a clash of principles between the first three members and the Ryusoulger siblings. Ryusoul Red is turned into stone and he's rescued by the others. Though this isn't really a nice first impression, isn't it?

This creates a tension and I like it. Rather than have it as, "Okay, we're Ryusoulgers so we're in!" -- there is some build-up here. Banba and Towa still think the first three members are just that weak! Banba trieth to kill Ui to end the Minosaur -- something Koh objecteth to because she's their friend. This creates the next scene that would probably help develop Asuna. Hopefully, Koh doesn't hoard the glory for himself in future episodes!

Quite a really disturbing scene as Ui pondereth on taking her own life. Asuna speaketh and tries to convince Ui not to do what she's about to do. Ui knoweth that she is somewhat connected to the Menasaur and her death will end its life. However, Asuna talketh Ui out of it. Both siblings watch from a distance for now.

I just find this scene either worth facedesking to or not?! There's a giant monster attack and you know the DRILL, right? Evacuate to the nearest evacuation center though in this case -- I wonder how do people living in this kind of world deal with their daily life if you've got one monster attack per week? Then people turn into stone through the glaze of Medusa Menasaur. Her power is so great it even reacheth through modern digital devices! Talk about crazy!

The giant monster battle shows a bit more creativity. Ryusoul Blue and Ryusoul Pink both manage to cover the deadly eyes of Medusa Menasaur. They finally form Kishinryu-Oh Three Knights. So why wasn't it formed in the last episode? Was it Bandai attempting to show off the additional functions of said toy last episode? Hmmmm... what do you think?

Ui recovereth after the giant monster attack. However, we're treated to a bit of comedy after a rather serious moment of Ui attempting suicide. I guess we do need some occasional comedy every now and then, right?

Just then we're having two more Bandai merchandise waiting for us. Both Banba and Towa want to get them so they too can fight Menasaurs. Tiger Lance and Mi Needle are their names. This has me wondering why are we having a smilodon or sabertooth tiger here? Zyuranger already had some weird inaccuracies with a mastadon and smilodon when neither are reptilian. Abaranger and Kyoryuger was somewhat more consistent. But again screw logic, right?

Next week, I'd like to see how Koh and Towa will battle. There's going to be some tension before both brothers will join in their rightful comrades. But this still doesn't answer the question just who was that mysterious man in episode two?