Ryusoulger Episode 4: Koh And Towa Can't Get Along?!

Well it's time for another Ryusoulger episode. Art thou ready? Well, this episode starts to build up the relationship between the primary team and the secondary team. Dost thou remember the episode where Ryusoul Elder telleth the first three Ryusoulgers to team up with the other two? Now this one is the first part of an attempt to join with them.

Koh is too enthusiastic of an idiot -- though idiot heroes aren't necessarily bad unless you've got stuff like the way Kento Shimoyama handled Takaharu, a few times Lucky gets too over-enthusiastic in Kyuranger or well Daigo Kiryu in Kyoryuger. Koh trieth to reach out both Banba and Towa but they find it "Nah!" to the idea of joining up with the Ryusoulgers.

Ui's father is looking for the map that would find the temple. So it turneth out that map would lead to the temple. So who took it? Well it was Koh who was going to make a deal with the other two. 

There's the competition between the two of them. While there's a cool fight scene but it ends up with some silliness. Which made me wonder why didn't we get more out-of-suit here? I guess they did film a prolonged duel but it was removed from the final cut. 

Banba can't help but facepalm over the situation. He seemeth to be an anti-hero or a version of, "What if Gai Yuki had a younger brother." scenario. 

The Kraken Menasaur arriveth and knocketh people down to a deep sleep. We don't directly see who's the host unlike the previous episodes where we saw them immediately. 

A bet is made between both Koh and Towa. Now they are foolishly betting based on who can defeat the Kraken Menasaur first. They however end up dragging down each other like crabs. Creon maketh the foot soldiers form a straight line. The two barge in and get knocked out.

Worse, Tankjo appears and shows off how powerful he can be. He doesn't reveal who his employer is still yet. Things could have gotten bad if...

Well Ryusoul Black ends up saving the two from their impending doom. Judging by the magazine scans -- it looks like Tankjo is going to become the common threat that would cause the two Ryusoulgers to join the other three!

Blame game! Blame game! Well Towa won't easily join in either. What happeneth is that Towa and Koh blame each other until they are cut short by Banba. Banba may be a jerk but he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Remember those tropes like black rangers like Shou Hayate, Gai Yuki, Masumi Inou and Ian Yorkland?

Asuna findeth out that the victims of Kraken Menasaur have fallen into a deep sleep. I guess the Druidons are trying to get people to sleep so they can have an easier time conquering our current world, right?

The Ryusoulgers head to a hospital where a doctor is with his son. Could the boy be the host of the Menasaur? This also createth some dilemma as would you kill a child to destroy a Menasaur?

The Ryusoulgers try to conclude that the Kraken Menasaur was actually acting childish because the host was a child. This has Banba have second thoughts about slaughtering one to save many. 

They are on their quest to find the next hidden temple. The other Ryusoulgers discover that Koh got the map. So they do split it and try to find the temple. I find it funny where Asuna getteth frustrated with Banba because there was nothing there. Towa findeth a temple yet there's no entry to it. How are they going to enter it? Not even Tyramigo could help it.

Kraken Menausar causeth more trouble later on. Ryusoul Red uses the Tyramigo Knight Mode to prevent a plane from getting hit by the sleep ray. I could imagine the carnage it could cause if the pilots fell  asleep. 

It wasn't the boy but the father. WTF is wrong with Banba again? He thinketh that he must have no other choice but to slay the host. However, Towa manageth to come up with a good plan to unearth the temple.

Kishinryu-Oh Three Knights goeth forward and lureth Kraken Menasaur. It's amazing how the Ryusoulgers do a bit of a trick. The Kraken Menasaur is after all stupid. It managed to blow up the rubble revealing a passage.

Tiger Lance appeareth and shows off its impressive speed. Now a new mode is born to defeat the monster of the week.

This has Banba starting to reflect on his actions or is it? I do love how Banba starts showing some humanity here by telling the father to play with his son. He walks out aloof. 

Banba meets Mirneedle which will be utilized next week. I wonder how will Mirneedle do its job? I hope that mysterious masked man will soon reveal his identity!

Now for a bit of comic scene. The Ryusoulgers are obviously still trying to adjust to our civilization. It remindeth me of how the Gingamen live in a ranch with a boy and his father. The Ryusoulgers live with Ui and her father -- who apparently may be the key to unlocking more Bandai merchandise! 

Next week -- it looks like we're going to get a two parter with Tankjoh. I do have a theory that Tankjoh's getting written off may be symbolic to the end of the Heisei era as the series proceeds to the Reiwa era. Looks like we're having a ceremonial write-off anytime soon! So who's the Druidon's Big Bad? Will we have somebody like Queen Maeve of Tir Na Nog? Hmmmm... I'm just making a wild guess!