Ryusoulger Episode 5: Hell's Guard Dog

This episode now features "Hell's Guard Dog" -- no I'm not talking about Doggie Kruger. Rather, I'm talking about Cerberus (and the monster's design is AWFUL tbh with three heads coming out of each other rather than the standard Cerberus I'd like to see). This episode starts to have some early-on character development for the siblings Banba and Towa. 

Banba useth the Answer Soul on Ui to find out how the Menasaurs are born. She calls meeting Creon who had used some slime on her. The Ryusoulgers come to the conclusion that they have to destroy Creon. 

Meanwhile, Towa meets a young girl named Sanai who is taking care of an abandoned puppy. It's heartbreaking how this happeneth a lot. Every life is precious isn't it? Well it dependeth but we ought to be protecting life from those who destroy it. Towa starteth to understand that Banba's rather warped principle of killing one life to save many can be a very dangerous thing!

Tanko appeareth to attack the city. At first we see both Banba and Towa fight off Creon before Tanko appeareth. Towa calleth the others to assist them. However, it does look like one thing -- Tanko is really that powerful!

This amazeth me how Tankjo can absorb the Earth's energy. This causeth the Ryusoulgers to de-morph and get into a critical situation. However, Koh doesn't seem to know when to quit. He goes "Super Saiyan" like he did in the first episode

I find this whole "must avenge master" cliche weakness to be worked well here. Koh turneth into Ryusoul Red and attacketh Tankjo. However, Tanko proveth to be that powerful!

Worse, Cerberus Menasaur biteth Towa's arm. That made me think it would be that fatal! Ever been bitten by a rabid dog before? I felt this was rabies! 

Both the girl Towa talked to earlier and Towa are sick. Sanai who is taking care of the abandoned puppy is sick as a result of the Menasaur. Towa awaketh and telleth his older brother Banba not to harm Sanai. It really maketh me think what could have caused Banba to go like that?

Banba somewhat remindeth me of Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII -- a jerk who may just have a heart of gold and is so distrustful towards others. So what caused Banba to become like the way he is? Does he happen to be the child of a wicked queen who could be coming in the next few episodes or what? Who was that masked man he met some episodes ago? He sayeth that kindness causeth weakness -- something Koh disagreeth with!

Tanko enlargeth and Ryusoul Black decideth to handle the Menasaur himself. Tankjo is dead serious. I guess he's preparing the world to be occupied by his higher ups or what? It seemeth like it!

The next plan of Creon (or should he be called Crayon) is to poison the water supply. It remindeth me of Maskman's 24th episode when Igam planned to poison Japan's water supply to mutate everyone into lower lifeforms. Ryusoul Black beateth off Cerberus Menasaur.

A new combination appeareth called Kishinryu-Oh Mineedle. It doth beateth Tankjo for now. But as as the leaks reveal -- it doesn't!

No surprise, Tankjo is still alive and preparing a counterattack. I wonder is he secretly taking orders from a wicked witch and queen right now? Just me having a hunch. He is still well and how he survived exploding can be THAT WEIRD. Oh well but it's weird events that somehow make superhero shows go on, right?

The Cerberus Menasaur is supposedly destroyed but WTF! Why are both Towa and Sanai still sick? This has me thinking what if it wasn't the real Cerberus Menasaur or Creon has already found some new way. It also seemeth that Towa is dead by the dramatic exit of this episode. Spoiler alert -- he does get better but how he will get better isn't revealed yet.

Tanko striketh back. I wonder would Tankjo eventually die and get replaced. Gaisorg hasn't appeared yet so far. I'll just wait and see!