I'm Currently Watching Denziman

Sometimes, if there's a silly (if ever) reason why I tend to like older Super Sentai better is that I can watch at my own pace -- as if I could do the same thing with newer Kamen Rider this year! Now, I'm currently watching Denzi Sentai Denziman at my own pace. It will take some time for me to adjust to series that's before the Hirohisa Soda era -- I've had some hard time adjusting to Sun Vulcan and Battle Fever J too.

Now, it's time to look at the first evil queen role the late Soga Machiko had. Is it me or does she look like Marvel Comics' version of Loki's daughter Hela? Machiko herself has played evil queens such as Pandora of Spielban (who was just downright f***ed up cruel) and Bandora of Zyuranger. Here, her first role exists as a wicked woman who has different standards for physical beauty. She thinks the Earth is ugly for her taste and decides to "beautify" it by distorting the world as she sees fit. This is a young Machiko serving her first evil queen role. Though, I think Bandora is more iconic because longtime Power Rangers fans just can't help but associate her with Rita Repulsa -- who was brought to Mighty Morphin' via sloppy editing of Japanese footage with American fight footage during the first season.

I'm trying to focus on weekly Ryusoulger updates and arc updates on Kamen Rider Zi-O. Though I do have other stuff going on so just don't expect me to rant more on Denziman. Oh, this also reminds me of one of the stupidest things I did was trying to be an expert when I'm not. Now, I'll be watching Denziman at my own pace. I might just watch it over the weekends because I'm also trying to watch more of Jiban -- though I wish I were watching more of Janperson instead!


  1. Great news! Berndadelta Subs has finished subbing the DenziMan Episodes! All we need now is to wait for the videos to be downloaded. Lots of electromagnetic attacks were on the 4th Super Sentai (Squadron) Series which was aired between February 2, 1980 to January 31, 1981 with the total of 51 episodes. Next year, DenziMan will be celebrating its 40th anniversary of bringing the electromagnetic waves on TV! I just wanna see Shinichi Yuuki, Kenji Ohba, Eiichi Tsuyama, Naoya Uchida and Akira Koizumi one last time should there be a reunion event! Denzi DenziMan!

    1. Well I know that already. Though I won't be writing episode reviews of said show because I'm focusing on Ryusoulger weekly updates.


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