Ryusoulger 18: Transformation Impossible?

Well, my reviews always depend on when Over-Time can release the subtitles, right? So just expect my reviews to come AFTER MONDAY now! Well, it's time to pretend to be a Medieval Englishman once more with my Ryusoulger posts! This week's episode featureth some badass fight scenes from the main cast. Was this episode done to brag the raw ability of the cast? Sidenote, this week's episode is written by Hiroya Taka who I'm yet to be familiar with. 

The beginning episode featureth the arrival of a new monster called the Golem Monster. Ryusoul Red, Ryusoul Blue, and Ryusoul Pink show up where the monster is but it negateth their powers! What is causing the negating?

The Ryusoulgers do some Googling. Okay, Melto since how fast are you able to adapt to modern age technology considering you're technically that old? They find out about the Wishing Stone which could be the source of the Menasaur's powers.

The Ryusoulgers arrive in the ancient shrine where the caretaker Kouze appeareth. The stone itself is the source of the Menasaurs power. It also has some conflict between Canaro and Banba for this reason -- Banba wants to destroy the stone but not Canaro. Banba splits the stone anyway.

The Ryusoulgers try to battle the monster but they find their transformation negated again. I think this is one situation where their lives are at risk. The Super Sentai suits serve as extra protection, don't they?

Just then, it turneth out that cutting the stone in half created two more Golem Menasaurs. Hmmm this kind of dilemma is very rare indeed. Did you remember that Zyuohger episode where a monster kept multiplying? 

Meanwhile, they are discussing their other possible alternatives. Splitting the wishing stone in half did nothing at all to solve the problem.

Koh goeth back to the shrine trying to reverse the situation but nothing happened. The caretaker Kouze goeth to the wishing stone in tears.

Later on, the battle doth get really heavy. It turns out that wishes from others are involuntarily sucked into the Golem Menasaurs causing them to grow. Honestly, I do wish we'd get more episodes where inanimate objects are used as hosts too after this one -- aside from the use of the Mimic Box similar to Dragon Quest!

The next scenes are just pure badass as the Ryusoulger main cast is now ready to show off their prowess again. As said, they don't do all their stunts but when they do -- just be ready to be amazed. I just like the out-of-suit fights as they rescue people whose wishes are about to be used. I love the rescue scenes and the scene where Banba preventeth Wizeru from shattering the stone. Would have Wizeru succeeded -- there'd be more Golem Menasaurs!

Now, for a new Bandai merchandise combination known as Gigant Kishinryu. It's a pretty cool-looking combination actually where both land and sea finally combine. It is used to defeat the super-powered up Golem Menasaur. Now, my main concern is that while Koh doesn't grab the attention like Daigo Kiryu in Kyoryuger -- why isn't this mecha combining with the others? Will it happen or will it won't? It's leaving me nervous!

Meanwhile, I do love a bit of a crack here. Banba doth his Gai Yuki-like behavior by pretending not to care. Poor Canaro -- it turneth out that Kouze is already married. Like, I'd be that heartbroken if I were him!

Next week, Tyramigo will be the star of the show. I wonder how this will work out. Hopefully, it'd be a great episode.