Ryusoulger 22: Cherishing The Memory Of The Dead

Well, it's time for another Ryusoulger episode and I can't be too certain IF I'd want to take my short break from said show. It looks like some interesting folklore is brewing. Maybe, I can continue watching the show BUT at a slower pace. Now, last week did feature the return of Master Pink, Tankjoh and Ui's mother. Now, this week cometh to an epic conclusion.

The Necromancer Menasaur has been responsible for the switching process. The dead return to life at the cost of the living. Okay, that's going to be a very creepy scenario. If I had to sacrifice one person to see my dead relative back then no thanks!

Koh gets caught in another dark dimension to fight Tankjoh. This almost feels like a throwback to Metal Heroes in the Space Sheriff Trilogy and B-Fighter. There's really some nightmare fuel here even if Super Sentai has become more child-friendly since 2001.

The Light Raptor (who is female) showeth up and freeth Koh from that dimension. Then we get a bit of a teasy scene...

Personally, I do ship Koh x Asuna. Okay, I get a lot of fanboys (which may include little boys) are now jealous that Asuna just picked Koh. I could imagine how a little kid may have reacted wishing that they fell on Asuna's arms here.

Setoh turneth out that he was using Naohisa's body all along. It was because Naohisa entered the tomb where Setoh was in. So really, Setoh has to use Naohisa's body and for what? I find that really quirky especially he can't use that body for long. I wonder how can Naohisa and Setoh work things out in the later episodes? 

Meanwhile, Ui still has that recollection with her mother. There is such a thing as you'd want to pass recipes down before you die. Ui doth get her mother's recipe which would have been long lost if it was not for this event.

This is a confrontation between Master Pink and Asuna. Master Pink revealeth that the Menasaur was born from her. Just when was that Menasaur born? Master Pink had died in the first episode so was that Menasaur dormant? When did Master Pink become the host? Doth not killing the host kill the Menasaur? Okay, Junpei Yamaoka you do have some explaining here! Then again, what if the Druidon found a way to make Menasaurs out of dead corpses?

There is the contemplating issue. Getting rid of the Menasaur would not give everyone that happy ending. It would mean Master Pink and Ui's mother would have to go away as well. However, Canaro saith that they can remember the dead in their heart -- which is the highlight of this episode! It just maketh me think of how often I still miss my paternal grandmother and seldom, I do dream about her or think about her even when she's gone.

This is yet another creepy scene. Is it me or are footsoldiers well just disposable? They hardly get to do anything much. Remember how often they just get beaten by the heroes out-of-suit in several episodes and they get blown up by the heroes in-suit? It must suck to be a footsoldier! They are sacrificed so Tankjoh will return again. 

The Ryusoulgers prevent a mass gathering from happening. This was done in other to avoid the huge sacrifices the Druidons are planning. I just love how they trolled the villains by using concealment over the announcement boards. Though no out-of-suit fight here -- I guess it is impractical to do out-of-suit fights when the odds are against you, right?

A new combination called Dinoknight Rex Cosmo Raptor is here. I wonder why are we getting too many combinations with Tyramigo right now? Like, is it me or is Koh becoming Daigo Kiryu 2.0 minus the obnoxious attitude? Oh boy, it looketh like we have gotten another red-centric season!

The battle with Tankjoh is kind of badass. Ryusoul Pink useth her brute strength (okay Asuna, CALM DOWN). The heroes put their might into her sword and they defeat Tankjoh for the third time. This also happeneth as the Necromancer Menasaur is destroyed in the darkness dimension. 

I really have to admit that this parting scene is hard to watch. Master Pink admiteth that the strength of Asuna's heart made her a Ryusoulger. Asuna doth have that charm to energize anyone. We see Master Pink and Ui's mother depart for the afterlife once more. Okay, but I'd hate to imagine that some people go back to Hell (such as Tankjoh who has been sent there THRICE already) at this point too but we don't see that here!

I have to admit that Wizeru seemeth to be a benevolent boss. He offereth his handkerchief to Creon. Though I think he could have gathered some of that slime and maybe create an army of Menasaurs out of it. Like, is that possible?

The Ryusoulgers have a burger steak dinner. Hmmm, I just feel like getting some burger steaks now watching this scene!

Next week, it looketh like Setoh will be more involved but he always hath to use Naohisa's body. What is this wishing power? What is the source of the Ryu Soul's power? Hmmmm... what is it? I cannot wait to find out!


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