Takumi Hirose's View on Current Sentai

I honestly have read it somewhere that Takumi Hirose that he didn't like some of the changes in Super Sentai. I don't think he's referring to the new mecha or plotlines, I think it had to do some of them were just far too campy for him.

Maybe what he was talking about was a lack of civilian action scenes. I think newer Sentai series like Dekaranger and Boukenger were okay, even Magiranger despite it being somewhat campy was respectable, perhaps it was during 2003 that he felt Abaranger had lesser civilian action scenes so he stated he wasn't going to act in Super Sentai that it took for the worse. Like the glory of Tranza for him, Sentai fell down.

How far do I agree with him going for the worse? Not really maybe except for Go-onger. Carranger was trying to be funny but the series had an unusual twist. His last appearance in tokusatsu was as a guest in Kamen Rider Agito in episodes 49-50 as Shirikawa. Gaoranger, Hurricanger, Dekaranger and Boukenger were almost like older sentai for me.


  1. It's true. Growing up watching older sentais, I've felt that there're a lot of differences in newer sentai. In term of story, I must say that I like newer sentai better, but again, it's true that newer sentais have less action scenes than older sentai.

    My Japanese friends also said that she didn't like newer sentais because they really depend on digital technologies. As for me, digital techs and background don't bother me too much, as long as they don't overdo it. Sometimes, it bothers me, though.

    Another friend of mine also said that she didn't like newer sentai since the newer ones care more about the actors' face instead of their ability on martial art.

  2. I wish he could come back to play in sentai. He would make such an awesome roll.

  3. But for me, the only differences between newer sentai and older sentai are the mecha. Villains well not exactly very different or drama, sometimes newer sentai can be more tragic and vice versa.


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