Heroic Allies in Super Sentai

I can't help but think how I counted some characters to be rangers even when they aren't rangers because after they appear, they regularly help the team. Most of them aren't even flesh and blood but rather mystical beings or some don't have henshin devices, they simply wore their suits for power. They were coined as "extra hero" in the Super Sentai Encyclopedia. They are:
I can count Daimugen as one even if he doesn't participate in human battles. Why? Well he has a human form and this mecha form. Note he is NOT mentioned in the Super Sentai encyclopedia.
Ninjaman of Kakuranger is another. He was released when the battle between the Kakurangers and the Youkai intensified. He can also grow giant when needed.
Gunmajin was another mystical being, presumably a magical being like Pinocchio. He killed a resurrected Bomber the Great. I also count him as the seventh ranger of the Ohrangers.
Signalman was an extra hero in Carranger who had his own personal mecha the Sirender.
The VRV Master is what I'd call another ranger although he doesn't participate in battles that often but he did hand over the VRV Robo and the Victory Trailer for the Carrangers.
Doggie Kruger/Dekamaster can be counted as a ranger more than those above because of his direct participation in battles although he's not officially a Dekaranger. I can count him like "Big One" of JAKQ but he wasn't able to participate in the final battle.
In Boukenger, I can count Zubaan as the seventh ranger seeing he is active in battles and had a role call with them even if he doesn't have a henshin sequence. He became a sword for Satoru Akashi whenever needed and can also grow giant.


  1. I noticed Hyuuga, Mele, and Rio not on here. So does that mean you count them as more "official" members to the teams? Nice list btw :)

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