My Picks for Most Badass Sentai Commanders

Aside from rangers, I think Super Sentai had its own share of badass commanders too. My picks are in no particular order:
General Kurama Tetsuzan of Battle Fever J is a master of Japanese swordsmanship.

Commander Ibuki of Changeman- He was the toughest commander in the 80s with his tough training methods to reveal the power of Earth Force. I liked him in his action oriented attacks and how he's really Yui from Heath Star. In a sense I'll make him a "sixth member".

Sanjoru Sugata of the Maskman team is more than just a scientist, he's the one who trained them one on one.

Aya Odagiri of the Jetman team is NOT your everyday woman. She shows her own fighting skills and was able to pilot Jet Garuda and defeat her own monster. She may remind Gatchaman fans of the late Sylvie Pandora who was at times the Gatcha Team's commander.

Master Kaku of the Dairangers was an expert in all dangerous Chinese martial arts. He was able to handle all the Dai powers himself but sadly was killed by Shaddam.

Sandayu Momochi is a ninja himself. You can't get tougher than that. Hee hee.

Councilor Miura of Ohranger was able to beat some of the Bara soldiers himself with his martial arts ability.

Doggie Kruger has to be for me, the most awesome of all. Not only can he fight but he can also transform into Dekamaster with all those cool martial arts supported by realistic CGI lightning effects. He is personally my favorite.

Gekiranger has Shafu. I have to think he has to be the best martial artist ever or is it? Well I think he can beat almost every Sentai commander blindfolded.


  1. These guys should so enter a battle royal. XD

    I never thought about it, but now that you mention it, Dekaranger's CGI was better than other seasons. In fact, they were actually good. :D

  2. I agree with you X. By the way, your blog is kind of short of entries this time.


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